Rent Rebates & AGI for Bretton Place Residents

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** FYI: Just to let everyone know, only management will be getting your contact information about this petition. I intentionally did not want to personally know you unless you sign publicly or comment publicly — so don’t worry about your information going to anyone else! **

BPTA NOTICE of AGI beginning May 1st, 2019 has been posted in main lobby. A phone call to the LTB (Landlord and Tenant Board) said a hearing won't be for at least a year.

March 5, 2019: I'm hearing a lot of people say that they are only interested in the above-guideline rent increase (AGI), and I wanted to assure everyone that this petition is about the rent increase, together with rent rebates, inter alia, for those who are seeking it. Don't let only the chosen few get more than anyone else!

We need to be a "Strong Voice as a Group" so I urge you to sign so we can show up at the hearing -- and if you can't make the hearing, please provide someone with a proxy vote on your behalf. WE NEED YOU!

February 18, 2019: I received a letter from Cohen Highley, a London, Ontario law firm, who represent QuadReal, as agents of the owners. 

I personally have no intention of starting a new Tenants Association, nor have I discussed starting a new one with anyone ever where I would be involved. Mr. Joseph Hoffer, the implication in your letter is incorrect.

This petition is meant to be provided to QuadReal, as agents of the owners, to request rent rebates, inter alia, as a group. You can contact me directly if want your name added to this petition by proxy if you do not have internet access, or cannot attend the hearing.

I started thinking about starting this petition a few days ago when I heard that QuadReal, as agents of the owners, is allegedly going to request a high rent increase due to all this "maintenance" they are completing. The only reason all this maintenance is being done is because the City allegedly communicated to them that if they want a 3rd building on the property, they need to update the current 2 buildings: this information is publicly available through City documents online even though Cohen Highley says in their letter it's false. Since it appears that BPTA has not provided any of these links on their web site, I'll provide them here:

1. City of Toronto PDF dated June 14, 2018 where the City explicitly states QuadReal, as agents of the owners, must provide a number of revisions to 33 Rosehill and 44 Jackes in order to get an approval for the 3rd Tower.

2. City of Toronto PDF dated March 16, 2017;

3. City of Toronto Agenda history, together with numerous links and names of community residents, including names of some of our BPTA members;

4. If you'd like to do your own research, here's a Google link to help facilitate it.

To show everyone how little BPTA provides to residents and how outdated the website is, see "Communication" and note "Tenants Rights". They have not communicated any of this information to tenants.

We, the undersigned, as residents of Bretton Place, located in the Municipality of Toronto and Province of Ontario, have become inconvenienced a minimum of five (5) and up to seven (7) days a week due to on-site construction. Further, we understand that the majority of the current construction was allegedly mandated by the City of Toronto for the planned 3rd building on the property. We wish to request a rent rebate in an amount to be disclosed at a later date. Such compensation to be provided to each individual or individuals who have signed this petition and have expressly provided permission to be compensated by QuadReal, as agents of the owners.

Amenities we have lost or were diminished in the last 5 years which may or may not be a complete list, are the following:

• Tuck shop;

If you are unaware and lived here during the period where there was a tuck shop on the property (now management's offices), we were entitled to a rent rebate because the amenity no longer exists, yet rent was not decreased due to the loss.

• The vending machines that provided fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy products that was meant as a replacement for the tuck shop barely lasted a few months;

• Main floor bathroom where there was access from the laundry room;

• Stairs leading from the downstairs laundry area to the main floor no longer exist;

• Library / Media Room which was closed off from the laundry room below. A few pieces of furniture and a much smaller television in the basement laundry is not adequate. In the summer when dryers are giving off excessive heat, it will be unbearable to enjoy any of it.

• Loss of "quiet enjoyment" (common law) due to excessive noise almost 7 days a week: 02/19/19, 02/20/19 and 02/21/19 without prior notice the majority of the time. According to Dangerous Decibels organization, we are being exposed to high levels of noise for longer periods than they recommend. A decibel meter used shows peak levels are over 91 dB which is louder than a lawn mower.

• Partial loss currently of the misleading advertised "park-like setting" due to on-site construction, noise, debris and blocked off areas;

• Loss of balcony usage, regardless of weather, since many of us had to throw away furniture due to lack of storage lockers provided to us by management;

• Elevators constantly breaking down or not enough during move in and move out times, i.e. losing half the elevators one week a month is excessive for the number of residents who live in 44 Jackes;

• To some extent, we even have to put up with some sort of construction noise evenings and weekends, including Sundays, especially if you live on the lower floors. I believe it's the QuadReal maintenance staff who live on the premises who seem to be using power tools and hammering almost every weekend. Occasionally up to 11:00 p.m., I can hear noise that's not common to a resident;

• Guest parking reduced from 7 days a week to 8 times a month;

• Unfriendly, unapproachable and unaccommodating maintenance and leasing staff with a few exceptions; and/or

This may or may not affect all residents directly or indirectly:

• During summer months and other periods of warm climate, laundry vents on the north side of the 44 Jackes Avenue make it difficult to enjoy the balcony due to fabric softener fumes. Also, the lack of ability to open windows and balcony doors during these warm periods due to laundry lint entering the apartment can be excessive at times.

• Heating and air conditioning is inconsistent, as evidenced by recent media attention;

• Far too many doors that are not automatic, heavy and difficult to manoeuvre with groceries, laundry, or other objects or property in one or both hands.

Many of us are also dissatisfied with the current board members who are self-serving but this petition is not going to discuss this issue, and we may start another petition in the future to ensure that we all get a vote on who the board members are, and that they represent our interests, not theirs.

QuadReal, as agents of the owners, your attention and cooperation will be greatly appreciated, and we the residents of Bretton Place look forward to further communication with QuadReal, as agents of the owners.



Bretton Place Residents, who may or may not be
represented by Bretton Place Tenants Association, aka BPTA