Renovate the Architectural Technology Resource Room (N319)

Renovate the Architectural Technology Resource Room (N319)

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Massimo Sticca started this petition

Join us to renovate the Architectural Technology Resource Room!

Our names are Massimo Sticca & Camila Velandia. We are third year students in the Architectural Technology department and we would like to get all students from the program on board in our plan to renovate and improve the Architectural Technology resource room (N319).

This petition serves as a testament to show Vanier College that the Architectural Technology students and staff need and want a renovated space to enhance our working environment.

The space (N319) has no natural light or views to the outdoors, and hasn't been renovated in what seems to be many decades. The fluorescent lighting is very bright and harsh, and the overall quality of the space is lacking. There are piles of old cabinets from what seems to be an old science lab (poorly painted and in disrepair), that seems to have been introduced as a stop-gap measure but has become permanent.

The students would like to pursue the following renovations:

  • A living wall (similar to the one installed at the reception of Student Services) comprising a series of potted plants installed vertically along a wall.
  • A general renovation of the space, including a new ceiling and new lighting.
  • Built-in furniture in key areas of the space.
  • Kitchen cabinets, microwave and area to store food in refrigerator

We want to stress that our renovation proposal is in line with current college initiatives and policies. Most notably:

The college's Sustainability Policy (as part of its strategic plan): The 2020 version of this policy highlights the following: "This policy aims to improve the quality of the College’s social, economic and physical environments." One major step forward in attaining this goal is to allow for the installation of a living wall, and the replacement of the (very harsh) lighting in N319.

Mental health: The college has put a major emphasis in the mental health of faculty and students, a point that has been reiterated frequently during the pandemic. This has also been integrated into the college's Strategic Plan. Considering that N319 lacks natural light, and the artificial light is too harsh, renovating the lights and installing a living wall would help transform this space into a mental health oasis, as opposed to a mental health inhibitor.

Health and safety: Our department has been identified by the college as lacking in proper ventilation (this is particularly alarming, considering the pandemic context). I cannot stress this point enough : our department, out of every single department and space in the college, is the one that is most lacking in proper ventilation, as identified by a college report made public in December 2021. A living wall would help to significantly remedy this situation, as the plants would create oxygen.


Thank you all for your support!


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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!