Smoke Free Workplaces for Everyone in the Truckee Meadows

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It’s time to clear the air! Too many of our friends, family members and neighbors still must face exposure to secondhand smoke when they go to work in our casinos and bars. We need to protect every employee in the Truckee Meadows from secondhand tobacco smoke and vapor because no one should have to put their health at risk just to earn a paycheck. Having smoke-free indoor workplaces is even more important with the threat of COVID-19 and the fact that people smoking in casinos and bars need to remove their masks to smoke. Ensuring people wear masks inside businesses and ensuring smoke-free air is one way we can make sure that employee and community health is protected.

Smoke Free Truckee Meadows was started by locals who care deeply about the health and well-being of people right here in Washoe County. These locals started gathering the facts about smoking in workplaces:

  • Secondhand exposure to tobacco smoke/vape makes people who work in these places sick — everything from headaches and burning eyes and throats, to breathing problems, heart problems and cancer. The CDC has more info about risks of secondhand smoke exposure.
  •  Most of the people who visit the casinos and bars that allow smoking don’t like it – they don’t like the way they smell when they leave, and they experience symptoms like headaches and burning eyes and throats. Info from a study done in Washoe County about people’s attitudes about secondhand smoke can be found here.
  • The air filtration and “smoke eaters” that some businesses use don’t make the air safe to breathe. Air quality inside casinos was assessed by University of Nevada, Reno researchers in 2013 and found it is as bad as the outside air when there is poor air quality due to wildfires. If you want to read more about the limitations of air filtration on secondhand smoke, this website has info on the science
  • Decision makers have been fearful of economic loss if they don’t allow smoking in bars and casinos, but after at least 175 gaming venues in the US reopened smoke free as part of COVID-19 guidelines, there are at least 964 U.S. casinos and gaming venues with 100% smoke-free policies. Gaming properties are finding that going smoke free is good for health AND good for business. More info about smoke-free casinos nationwide can be found at; a list of smoke-free gaming facilities can be found here:
  • We don’t have to wait for state law to change – our cities and county can make regulations now that would make our workplaces smoke free.

Employees deserve smoke-free workplaces, and visitors deserve to go to these businesses without exposing themselves to smoke and vape. The goal of Smoke Free Truckee Meadows is to get more than 50,000 signatures from Washoe County residents, then take this petition to our city councils and county commission to ask them to make this change for our community.

Smoke-free workplaces in the Truckee Meadows are long overdue. Help to get regulations passed in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County by signing this petition. To find out more about why this is so important and learn why individuals and organizations across our community are supporting Smoke Free Truckee Meadows, visit