Protect Verdi by denying the Special Use Permit for 39 Ventures Materials Processing Facility

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39 Ventures Materials Processing Facility is a proposed industrial processing materials facility that will stockpile, crush, transport and store aggregates located near wetlands, the Truckee River, and adjacent to the TMWA canal. The site is also located as close as 300 ft to a residential home, and within 750 ft of several other homes, mine included. 

We believe the development of this project will adversely affect the environment of this area. There is already contaminated soil on site and with no knowledge of a proposed solution, we don't see sufficient evidence proving the surrounding hydrology will not be affected with further development. We are also afraid of health issues accociated with the risk of toxic soil becoming airborne.

The industrial site wishes to operate 24 hours a day, presenting noise disturbances to nearby residents and the wildlife commonly found here. 

Heavy Truck Traffic is also a potential threat to other motorists and the road biking community. They estimate an average of 39 truck trips per day, and the route involves navigating through several sharp blind corners that could potentially be dangerous, one of which is a tight 140° turn. 

I started this petition because of my love and respect for Verdi's beautiful environment and it's awesome community. With projects like this industrializing the area, Verdi is stripped of the very things we hold dear. I am asking for your support in my petition! Please help protect Verdi! 

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