Traffic lights � erected on seedhill road at lacy street

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Anyone who lives near by this area knows just how bad the parking of cars in this particular area is disgraceful. They park so irresponsibly that it causes blind spots for drivers & pedestrians.... 

I’m now campaigning for the council to erect traffic lights or put in place a zebra crossing due to the fact on Friday my 11 year old son was crossing and due to the blind spots due to the parked cars was sadly run over.... 

Lucas has been a very lucky boy in so many ways as he has walked away with minor injuries cuts and bruising but also with a bad concussion which is bad enough however this area needs addressing as my son was lucky the next child might not be especially with 3 schools within a stones throw. 

Please HELP ME by signing this petition & getting the council to take notice of this desperately dangerous crossing thank you very much. 

Margaret Lickrish