Protocols or Saving a Childs Life

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My son has a serious nut allergy to which we are able to control so long as we can refrain him from being in contact from nuts, which works well when we are with him. As he is getting older & more independent wanting to attend clubs and the like we are having to entrust others to take care of him. Recently we have found this to pose a problem as such groups ie. Local authorities (leisure/schools) tend to suggest its not protocol for them to administer my sons epipen & that he would need to do it. Now I ask you if anyone has ever had to witness a child taking a reaction would know the child themselves are in no fit state to enable him/her to carry this out on there own. So my question is why is this not standard practice to teach say first aiders how to carry this out, why should it be left to the responsibility of a child when in there care. Or is it that children with allergies have to go without & be discriminated against just to suit protocols. This needs to change & fast. People need to be made more aware & trained to deal with these types of circumstances especially when it comes to saving a childs life.