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Renfrewshire Council change water only policy during class hours.

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I have started this petition as I have a daughter in primary one at Auchenlodement Primary who doesn't want to go to school due to the water only policy in Renfrewshire schools.

I have sent her to school with a sugar free orange juice and this is being confiscated meaning she can't drink during class time as she won't drink plain water which is all the school will allow into the class. This policy has resulted in me having a happy 4 year old looking forward to starting school, to having a child who cries at night saying she doesn't want to go.  The schools response to the issue has been that my daughter will soon learn, and that sugar free diluting juice is bad for her but I don't think this is a reasonable response and not backed up by any sound evidence. The idea that sugar free orange is bad for a child is completely new to me, and shows how out of touch the school is with its healthy options policy. 

I would like Renfrewshire Counil to look at this policy again, and accept that they have went overboard in making decisions that should be taken by parents. My daughter is an otherwise healthy, happy child and I feel the policy and it's strict enforcement is a step too far on behalf of the school and the council. If an individual wants to drink a healthy alternative instead of plain water this should be accepted in the classroom in the same way as pupils with plain water. 

I would like this petition to gain traction in order to make the council look at this again and include sugar free alternatives. My daughter is sent in with a sugar free diluted orange in a sports bottle and surely this should be acceptable as it doesn't effect the health, or learning of any other child in the school. I am not asking the council to allow fizzy drinks that are proven to be bad for a child's teeth but show some common sense, and accept that not all children of 4 years old will drink plain water and it isn't there place to force this isssue on behalf of parents. 

I accept schools have the right to make policy decisions but really feel things have gone too far and we are heading towards a nanny state, that has rules and regulations for everything that are often unnecessary and unreasonable. Sugar free alternatives to water should be allowed to avoid unecessary upset and the children who don't drink water not being able to rehydrate during class hours. 

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