Save Our Children from Radiation - No cell phone towers near Renfrew schools and daycares.

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We must stop the construction of a 40m tall cell phone tower located at 115 Veterans Memorial Blvd (Renfrew Fairgrounds). The proposed cell phone tower is located right next to St.Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, Leaps and Bounds Daycare, St. Joseph's High School, and Queen Elizabeth Elementary School.

If this tower is approved, our children will be exposed to harmful radio frequency radiation. There are thousands of studies showing the adverse health effects associated with radiation exposure. Cancer, DNA damage, neurological disorders, hormonal dysfunction, autism, type 2 diabetes, learning disabilities and impaired cognitive function are just a few conditions associated with EMF exposure.

We need your signature to show the town of Renfrew that we do not consent to their approval of a Roger’s cell phone tower next to our schools and daycares. Otherwise hundreds of children, and thousands over the years will be exposed to harmful radiation for 4-10 hours a day, 5 days a week.

How You Can Help
Your signature will help show town council that we are not willing to risk the health of our families for the profit of Rogers Communications. Please invite all concerned citizens and parents on Oct 22nd at 7:00 pm to Town Hall, 127 Raglan St. Renfrew, to create a physical presence at this hearing. We need to apply pressure to keep cell phone towers away from our schools, daycares and homes. The proposed tower should be relocated to an industrial or commercial property, at a safe distance from our residents.

Inadequate Safety Standards

248 scientists from 42 Nations have submitted an appeal to the United Nations, requesting to reassess the potential biological impacts of telecommunications technologies. These experts have published thousands of papers showing adverse health effects of EMF exposure. They all believe that the current safety standards including the ones set by Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 to be inadequate, and that next generation 5G technology should be halted until a thorough independent health and safety assessment be made.

Industry Canada has no restrictions or setbacks to homes or schools. 5G technology is being pushed through so quickly that most residents are unaware of proposed towers, and are unable to object or address any concerns. These towers don’t fall under normal bylaw restrictions, and property owners and school boards are not obligated to notify the enrolled students or families.

Once these towers are constructed, it is too late to intervene.
The town is voting to approve the tower on October 22nd, and we need to act swiftly.

Please sign now and help prevent our children from being exposed to harmful radiation.