Keep our children safe

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We are looking for support from the area and community with a huge safety issue for our children. There a few families with young children who are being told that they have to walk through wooded areas and cross a busy secondary highway that is in close proximity to hwy 17. And stand alone on a busy side road that is a pit stop for people merging off 417.
These children are under the age of 7. My 2 children being 5 and 6, Parents have approached the bus line as well as the school and our fellow mp to no avail.  My neighbours and i park on the side of the road to pick up the children which is another safety concern. There has been countless of times our childrens lives have been in danger. With busy traffic times as well being the first road on the right off the 417 we get all kinds off people pulling over getting out to stretch. Urinate, smoke.. whatever their reason is on a daily basis. And they want us to allow our children again mine being 5 and 6 to stand there alone?? I want my childrens safety to be number one in the eyes of the buslines and anyone involved with the decision making. When i first brought up the situation i was told by RCJTC that it is inconvenient for the bus to travel down bennett lafont road that it would take an extra 5 to 10 minutes, im sorry, but the lives of my children and as well as our neighbours are worth more that their extra 5 minutes!! I want my children to be picked up and dropped off at their residence 3129 bennett lafont road. For huge safety reasons. 

The road the bus would need to travel is maintained and there is ample room for turning. The bus lines and school are disregarding the safety of our children for convenience. We are asking for people to support us to have the changes made to protect our children, the parents as well as other drivers on the roads. This is a matter we are not taking lightly. Our jobs are affected as we have to schedule pick ups and have employment that allows us to be available for our children to get home safely.
**Please sign and support us in our fight for the change.**