Renewing Backstage for a Season 3

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As you may know and love, Backstage was canceled after the second season. Which of course, the fans were devastated after being left on a cliffhanger. All the fans not only fell in love with the cast but developed a true connection to the storyline and the cast. Backstage also addressed serious issues to help aware the viewers of certain things going on, such as Mental Illness, Insecurities about Muscles and not being good enough, rejection, fighting through injuries, dealing with divorced parents or parents who aren't there and so much more. The cast has inspired tons of people to not be afraid of doing something new and has helped them with their music and dancing. Of course, the fans would love to continue to see the characters develop more and to hopefully see the original freshman (Grade 9) class graduate (Miles, Alya, Bianca, Jax, Carly, Vanessa, and so forth.) Since there has been a few years since the second season, most of the fans have come up with ideas for what the future seasons could hold; which could be helpful in the creating of the third season. Of course, the fans would love to see the couples evolve or create new ones in the process. Along with creating new friendships between the different departments. The cast helps make the show seem more realistic due to them portraying the roles in real life, which helps the viewers connect to the story more. Backstage needs a Season 3 to show all the questions the fans might have, inspire more people, and to overall show how talented the cast is and get the recognition they and Backstage deserve.