Renew Dark Matter: The Five Year Plan

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Monday Update

I would swear he has put up at least 1 post a day since the news, and as such, it is clear that Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creators, supports the cause. Let's continue to move forward in our mission to finish the Five Year Plan. Note: While I understand the frustration this has caused thousands of us, let's also be civil, and remember, we do not need to tear others down, as it will make it hard to bring others to our cause. Killjoys, the Expanse, Wyonna Earp, and other active productions are all great programs, even if we think Dark Matter was greatest among them. So please, do not be negative about them, while trying to support Dark Matter. Times, since the image is cut off. US & Canada 18:00 PT/21:00 ET Europe 12:00 PT/15:00 UK 20:00 France, Spain, Netherlands, and Germany 21:00

King Kinvar
4 years ago