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Renew America's Water: Support Public Water for All


Many of our water systems were built over 100 years ago, and many are in need of serious upgrades to ensure we all have safe water. Last year, there was a $29 billion shortage in the funds needed to upgrade and maintain water systems around the U.S.

Since the bottled beverage industry is a major user and abuser of our nation’s water, we're proposing that the money to fund local water systems will come from a one-cent per ounce tax to manufacturers of water-based beverages such as bottled water and soft drinks. The Renew America's Water campaign would put the money from this tax into dedicated federal funding to close this gap, and could create up to 750,000 green jobs fixing our water systems.

The Renew America's Water Campaign will be a big win for local communities, the economy and our environment. Join our campaign today by signing the petition to Renew America's Water:

Letter to
U.S. Senate
I urge you to introduce legislation being promoted by Food & Water Watch and their allies to Renew America’s Water. We must upgrade and repair our country’s aging water and wastewater systems to ensure that the nation has safe, clean and affordable water for all and to safeguard the local environment.

Legislation should fully close the current funding gap, support publicly owned and managed water utilities, and create good quality jobs. This legislation is crucial so that future generations can continue to have access to clean, reliable, and affordable water.


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