LSU please extend the end of the year checkout deadline for students in on-campus housing

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LSU is a great school, but at the end of the year we get sent off on a sour note. For almost all on campus dorms and apartments there is the risk you will be required to be completely packed and out the door, within one hour of your last final should it be on Saturday.

This means all during finals week, instead of focusing on studying and succeeding academically, we have the added, impractical burden of packing when we are yet living there and using the space.

Is stress part of life, yes, but unlike many unavoidable hurdles, this particular stress is completely unnecessary.

Living on campus is expensive. We fork over a lot of money only to be shooed out the door with threats of fines without hardly a second to think or breathe. While some are lucky enough to have 24 hours after their last exam to pack, heaven forbid you have one or two Saturday finals as there is no wiggle room afterwards. The latest you can leave, if and only if you are granted an extension, is Sunday at 9 AM. This is so little time. If they deny your extension request, they ask you be gone within an hour of your last final.

What's more, there are out-of-state students reliant on flights and other students who don't have vehicles. These factors can be a nightmare to work with in order to obey the overly strict policy.

When asked about this rather unreasonable policy, we are told we are required to leave in order for the university to begin maintenance projects. Can those projects not wait even one day or two after finals are over?

This petition is to ask LSU to be more respectful and considerate of the students. Please listen. Even one day more would be considerably helpful and far more reasonable than this.

On that note, to all, best of luck on your finals!

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