Handicap boy bullied and tortured by the Justice system.

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Be a hero and help share this petition! A intellectual handicapped boy at only 15 years old was accused of a sexual crimes. With no physical evidence from a career criminal family. My mentally retarded son disability was ignored and swept under the cracks of Justice.  We did not have $50,000 for a paid eager attorney and the result of that we got a worn out public defender. This case lingered for two years in juvenile and just because my son turned 18 years old. The case automatically converted into an adult charge where a warrant was issued just because of his age change and he was placed in jail with no bond. My son complete senior year was spent in jail missing his last year of school and graduation. I have a airline ticket placing my son out the state of Florida the time accused on the police report and several other Bonafide documentation to support reason of doubt. None of the documentation was brought to the judge attention because the worn-out attorney offer a intellectual handicap boy with the mind frame of a 10 year old a plea to come home. With already serving a year in jail, 2 years of house arrest, 17 years of GPS sex predator probation, register as a sex predator every 6 months, can't be home because of the registry law, can't go to school, can't go online, can't be around his nieces and nephews he never met. With My son low IQ and intellectual thinking he did not know that was a plea from hell! And it was going to ruin the rest of his life, he hasn't even experience adulthood yet. He only understood the words home is what he told me. This is just a few out of many restrictions. Help give a young boy back his life!  I see him slipping away every day. My son life, his dreams,  his motivation,  his determination gone. And as a mother it kills me to see my son suffer, he's dying slowly.