Retain Earl Bright as the Principal at Reid Elementary!!

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Please help to retain Earl Bright as the Principal of Reid Elementary! A letter was sent home today to all parents of students in Reid Elementary, that Earl will be taking another administrative position within the district as Principal at Raider Academy.  For 16 years Earl has been part of our children's lives at Reid.  He has ingrained respect, integrity and trust in our children.  The district should not have imposed such a critical change on our children as well as the Staff at Reid.  He has helped every child in one way or another that has gone through that school.

It is my understanding that this was not a move requested by Earl Bright, but rather an imposed move.  Moving staff that has been ingrained in our children's education for so very long is not smart. 

Shame on the district for not sharing this extremely sensitive and difficult news much earlier. Those of us with children who do not process change well due to a learning disability have the very difficult task of trying to explain this to our children.  It's not like they can walk into Earl's office and ask for help with this. 

This was a crap move and even crappier way it was handled. Parents deserve better.  Our children deserve better. Reid Staff deserve better.  They all deserve Earl.

PLEASE, on behalf of my son and other students and parents, PLEASE sign this petition so that I can take it in front of the school board.