Renationalise Gas Electricity Water Utility Supplies NOW!

Renationalise Gas Electricity Water Utility Supplies NOW!

11 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by The new P M

Utility supply and costs in the private sector have failed the nation.

Every day the news describes how each quarter utility costs will go up and up forcing more hard pressed families and households into fuel poverty - the phrase "Heat or Eat" has been born into the worlds 6th biggest economy where more than  a million foodbanks now operate. 

Its reported that in 2023 the average household will spend approx. £5,000 on utilities. All the while fat-cat energy suppliers are set to make more and more dirty filthy profit and for no good reason at-all.

E.ON posted £3.5 BILLION profits for the first half of 2022 supplying 4million uk customers.

CENTRICA (British Gas) posted part year 2022 profits of £1.3 BILLION  - UP a massive 396%.

SSE report annual profits for 2021/22 up to £3.5 BILLION UP 44%.EVERY Water Company in the UK has reported PROFITS into the hundreds of MILLIONS yet water pipes still leak and hosepipe bans are still apparent.

Every utility company pays its CEO.s MILLIONS in salary and bonus

The list goes on but its simply too depressing. 

Its an utter disgrace!

Support this petition. Make the Govt open up debate. Make the Govt pass law to force renationalisation of the water gas and electricity industries.

Many countries around the world - most of the middle east have centrally controlled power and water supply and are able to supply with subsidies or heavy discounts to their own people.

Lets make that happen in the UK.

This HAS to stop.



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Signatures: 104Next Goal: 200
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