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Keep the Rose Garden Name that has been around Since 1995


Not only is this a landmark that embodies the spirit and pride in our City that has come to be known as the 'Rose City' and 'City of Roses', but it is the simple fact that the name 'Moda Center' has only one thing to do with Portland: The Company who coughed up the money for a 10 year contact with the Portland Trailblazers.

Letter to
Portland Trailblazers Chris McGowan
Chief Executive Officer Robert Gootee
We urge you to reconsider the new name, 'Moda Center', and preserve the name that the Arena has had since its opening in 1995, 'The Rose Garden'. Changing a piece of Portland History that has such a strong link to Portland and its name of the City of Roses should not be broken and should be treated as a treasure in the history of our great city. Join us and sign this petition voicing that we, as Trailblazer Fans and Supporters, as well as Oregonians who value their history, want the name of the 'Rose Garden' to stay.

At the least, maintain the Rose Garden name in addition to Moda. Some options are listed below:

Moda Rose Arena
Moda Rose Garden Arena
Moda Rose Garden Center
Rose Garden Moda Center
Rose Garden Moda Arena

Help save a piece of Portland History and one that represents our beautiful Rose City, City of Roses, and the Iconic Portland Trailblazers!

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