MLB: Rename The Rockies

MLB: Rename The Rockies

May 27, 2017
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Major League Baseball: The Colorado Rockies
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Started by Owen Blair 

@renamerockies  #RenameTheRockies

Bring baseball to the entire mountain west.

Baseball fans in Montana, Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico lack devotion to a local team and have limited access to the national sport of professional baseball.

Due to competetive psychology, surrounding states refuse to root for a Colorado team despite living in the Rocky Mountains.

These states do not have large enough populations to support a local MLB team of their own.

Similar to the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers, using a more inclusive name would expand baseball further west to starved baseball fans and new baseball generations.

  1. Change name to “Western Rockies” - By removing “Colorado,” surrounding western states can claim the Rockies as their own.
  2. Update branding - With a new name, the team can modernize their branding.
  3. Expand TV broadcasting network - In-market TV rights need to expand into Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico. These states are all in the Mountain Time Zone for optimal viewing schedules.
  4. Play limited games in surrounding minor league stadiums - By playing a limited number of series in upgraded minor league stadiums, the Rockies would truely become the hometeam of these new states. Local fans would be able to enjoy nights at the ballpark and root for their local team.

Add 8.4 million potential fans (Montana, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico). Increase the potential fan base from 6.2 million (Colorado, Wyoming) to 14.6 million.

  • Lack a local team. The surrounding states are full of baseball fans that are still Yankee and Red Sox fans, because they don't have a local team to root for.
  • Live along the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains extend much farther than just Colorado and Wyoming, making the "Rockies" applicable to a much larger fanbase.
  • Live in the Mountain Time Zone. These same states all fall in the Mountain Time Zone, for optimal broadcast viewing times. They share this time zone with only one other team, the Arizona Diamondbacks

Petition Closed

This petition had 60 supporters

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