Rename the streets of Russian offices in DC

Rename the streets of Russian offices in DC

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Why this petition matters

Started by Edward Bangor

As Ukraine fights not just for its right to exist, but stands as the sole nation willing to stand for democracy against tyranny in EUrope, it is critical that the American people support them in every way we can.

In 2020, in recognition of George Floyd's murder and the ongoing issue of racial injustice, Mayor Bowser renamed a stretch of Pennsylvania Ave Black Lives Matter Plaza. Given the barbaric, unwarranted, and potentially genocidal war Russia is waging in Ukraine, it is time for DC to act again.

These are just a few of the locations of Russian government offices within the District of Columbia, our nation's capital:

Russian embassy: 2650 WIsconsin Ave Northwest

Russian consulate: 2641 Tunlaw Rd NW

Russian ambassador's residence: 1125 16th St NW

Russian cultural center: 1825 Phelps Ave NW

Some, if not all, of these locations should be renamed in honor of Ukraine and her brave defenders. Some proposals:

Zelenskyy Blvd

Slava Ukraini Plaza

Snake Island St

Babin Yar Memorial Plaza

This is more than a show of support for the brave men and women fighting against tyranny. This is a direct insult to the Russian government. It forces the Russian ambassador to live and work on streets named after the nation that his government is attacking. Though it may not be much, such a move will embarrass Putin and his sycophants. It is an easy action to take, that both shows unity and insults the dictatorial monster currently ruling Russia.

30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!