Rename the New Town Health Clinic after Nurse West

Rename the New Town Health Clinic after Nurse West

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Why this petition matters

Started by Daryl Auwai

We are calling on all Kittitians, our Nevisian family and friends to petition the Government of St Kitts & Nevis to rename the New Town Health Centre the "Millicent West Health Centre". Everyone who lived or was born in New Town between 1933 and 1965 is familiar with Nurse West, a bastion of the local health system. It is generally accepted she delivered most of the thousands born there during that period.

Millicent West was born in St. Paul Capisterre where she was educated and briefly a pupil teacher before training as a nurse at Cunningham Hospital. She worked there until appointed Midwife for East Basseterre and it was then she met her life's calling and over time became a heroine to the community.

Nurse West was a caring, loving individual who rendered distinguished service to the people of New Town. Because of her calm approachable demeanour and reputation as knowledgeable, many others across the island also called on her to provide guidance and assistance in their time of need. And she never denied anyone her expertise and help.

She was popularly referred to as Nurse West, although that was her deceased first husband's name and she had remarried, and become Archibald. A devoted soft-spoken mother, she was a mentor and community stalwart in New Town. Almost every day, she allowed neighbours who had no running water into the yard of her home on Caunt Street to fill their buckets, pots and other containers. She kept a keen and watchful eye on every child that walked by or she came upon. Nothing missed her attention from unruly behaviour and rudeness, to cuts, simple insect bites and sprains, through to broken bones, infections disease and life threatening illness. The work gave her both purpose and pleasure; and she treated everyone with respect no matter their status.

Millicent Adeline West was an exemplar to the people of New Town. A shining diadem of character and service. Where others may have seen less fortunate and impoverished people, she saw the potential for achievement and upliftment; serving to light that path and remove obstacles, paving the way for future professionals, students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, fishermen, businesspersons, scholars, grocers, fathers, mothers, politicians, artists and those more mundane that she knew were just as valuable.

Let us honour Nurse West. She gave us life, encouragement, hope, succour, direction, and love; constantly at the wheel, toiling through the night, with hope in her heart, for all of us, New Town, her children, her nation.

Through this petition we implore the St. Kitts & Nevis government to rename the New Town Health Centre in honour of this magnificent woman who served the nation selflessly for her entire life. We are sure there will be no objection or quibble to this from any quarter, political, social or otherwise. 

Please sign and share this petition so we can have the New Town Health Centre renamed "Millicent West Health Centre". 

The nation must celebrate its heroes for they serve to inspire greatness in future generations. Not only would it be appropriate but it is an honour well deserved and long overdue.

Only by your signature we can make it happen. Do it now.

Thank you. 

310 have signed. Let’s get to 500!