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Rename the cancer that killed Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs died from cancer in 2011. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t die from pancreatic cancer but from a little-known cancer called Neuroendocrine Tumor disease (NET).

NET has had a devastating effect on people close to me. I am determined to generate more awareness of this disease which affects tens of thousands of people worldwide (in the US alone approximately 12,000 people are diagnosed with NET annually).

Raised awareness will mean more government and private funding and more research being done which will help current and future sufferers.

Steve Jobs was one of my heroes and his legacy transformed the modern world and makes life better and easier for billions of people. There is so little public awareness and understanding of the disease that cut his life so tragically short.

I believe that a fitting and lasting tribute to this great man would be to rename Neuroendocrine Tumor disease.

If each of us whose life has been enriched by the creativity of Steve Jobs joins in this endeavor we can achieve the largest ever petition of this kind.

Please help me achieve this goal by signing this petition calling on the American Society of Clinical Oncology to rename Neuroendocrine Tumor disease as Jobs Disease.

Let’s make history together and celebrate the man who changed the world forever.

Michael Sharp

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