Let's rename one of Beaver's public squares to honor a woman!

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Here is a list of all the names of the squares/parks in the Borough of Beaver (Pa.):

  • Clark Park
  • Bouquet Park
  • Wayne Park
  • Linn Park
  • Quay Square
  • Irvine Square
  • McIntosh Square
  • Agnew Square

The common denominator? They're all named for men. And only 3 of them (Quay, Agnew, Linn) actually called Beaver home. (Unless you count McIntosh for living in the fort, that is.) The bulk of them are famous military men or politicians.

I think this is wrong, and I'd like to try and do something about it. 

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against men in general. I'm Pro-Men! After all, I am one myself (at least according to my birth certificate). I just think the past couple of years has shown us it's time we give more credit to the incredible women we have in this country, both past and present.

I'd like to propose to Beaver Borough Council that we rename either Irvine Square (Gazebo) or Wayne Square (corner of Beaver St. and River Road) after a prominent woman of history from Beaver Borough. (Wayne's main contribution to the area was Legionville in what today is Ambridge; Irvine served as commander at Ft. Pitt.) I have my own personal recommendation (see below), but I'd also like to survey the community for naming suggestions and then vote for the winning name. 

The criteria would be that the suggested name be:

  • A woman who lived in Beaver for part or most of her life;
  • Someone who did something of historic importance or provided a valuable community service;
  • And that the individual be deceased.

My personal choice would be Electa Smith, the town's (and County's) first school teacher. Ms. Smith came to "Beavertown" at its founding (ca. 1800) and taught in a one-room cabin made from the logs of the old fort (it was located near the corner of College and 2nd, see rendering above). When asked, she chose to stay in this primitive town on the edge of the frontier and educate the town's children. I think that's a worthy contribution to our town's storied history, and one that deserves to be honored.

I think it's high time we honor one of our town's women and show our daughters that we respect and admire both the men AND women who played influential roles in our town's history. If you agree, I'd appreciate you signing this petition.

Thank you for your support!