Removing Russia from UN Security Council

Removing Russia from UN Security Council

June 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mauro Onori

The United Nations (UN), a beacon of hope and promise for billions, has for decades worked for the peace, health and prosperity of mankind, regardless of race, economy or geopolitical origin. Its underlying specialized organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), have assisted humanity and improved its overall wellbeing. Albeit such laudable efforts, however, events of the past decade do highlight how it has failed in its main objective: to secure peace and the sovereignty of nations.

This motion has, as main objective, to demand the UN to act according to its own charter & rules (its own “Articles”). The complete passivity of the UN to the invasion of Ukraine brought a group of international people from all walks of life to legally demand action. The UN has full rights to send a military force to ensure peacekeeping and the withdrawal of the invading forces: this is exactly what the UN achieved during the Gulf War in a matter of weeks. Kuwait was liberated and it returned to its peaceful ways. The question now is whether the UN believes oil is more important than human lives.

Russia has not only invaded a foreign country on false pretenses. Its army has:

·      Raped, tortured and massacred civilians at random; 

·      It has plundered, looted and willfully destroyed civil infrastructure; 

·      It has targeted hospitals, child care centres and maternity wards; 

·      It has kidnapped and deported thousands of people against their will. It has specifically abducted children and taken them to Russia for internment and adoption; 

·      It has not only stolen grain, metal and agricultural equipment but has deliberately set fire to wheat fields and intentionally prevented Ukraine from shipping the grain to hungry nations by sea (this is planned intent). 

In all truth the Russian leadership has openly stated that it wants to completely eradicate all Ukrainians. Let us all be very clear on this: Russia has violated every law, convention and rule of war, human rights and international law. It has done so by threatening nuclear holocaust or a broadening of the conflict. Russia has done all of these things in Syria, Chechnya and other countries as well. It is nothing less than an international menace.

Russia is guilty of genocide and world famine. It is holding the world at ransom over the wheat & grain stolen from Ukrainian silos, oil and gas supplies, and a world famine is looming. 

The UN is doing nothing. 

Therefore, should this petition reach a sufficient number of signatories, the motion will be brought to a group of lawyers and advocates that are experts in international law. Please read the attached documents to analyze the exact breaches the UN is guilty of in relation to its own Articles. The UN Headquarters operate from Manhattan, New York, USA. They are therefore subject to the laws of the USA. A failure of the UN, as an organization, to follow its own charter could be legally challenged by the US Supreme Court through a Warrant to Comply (documents available via email contact). Our basic aims are:

1.     Demand a full and legal evaluation of whether Russia is to be allowed within the Security Council: Hold a vote in the UN General Assembly to elect the successor state to the USSR. NOTE: Russia was handed the USSRs place at the security council without any voting or discussion! In other words, Russia has not been elected as required by the UN Articles!

2.     The UN is to immediately send a fully professional, complete peacekeeping force to Ukraine. Its mission is to ensure the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Ukranian soil (pre-2014 borders and as requested by the Ukranian authorities) and maintain peace. These peacekeepers should cover land, sea and air integrity such that no violations occur and normal trade relations can be re-established in the Black Sea and with its neighboring countries.

3.     Demand the UN to abide by its Article 27: Each member of the Security Council will have 1 vote; Decision in the Security Council on Procedural matters shall be made by an affirmative vote of nine members; Decisions on all other matters in the Security Council shall be made by an affirmative vote of nine members including the concurring votes of the permanent members.

If the UN cannot comply with its own charter and legal articles, it should be questioned as an organisation and its objectives through a Warrant to Comply by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. NOTE: the UN has failed to act in Syria, Jemen, Rwanda and other conflicts, which raises this question’s urgency.

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Signatures: 1,162Next Goal: 1,500
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