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Remove Statute of Limitations for Adoptees – as for other child victims

Firstly, I'd like to mention that this petition is an Australian petition however we absolutely need the weight of the world behind it. Please don't hesitate if you live outside Australia, please back this and add your signature. Thanks �

We are asking that you support us in sending a message to all state Attorney Generals to Remove the Statute of Limitations for Adoptee Victims of Physical or Psychological Abuse regardless of whether that relates to sexual abuse or not.

Recommendations were made by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse to abolish the Statutes of Limitations in regard to Child Sexual Abuse, acknowledging that the average time to process that abuse was 20 years, therefore should be removed. People who were victims of crimes committed when they were children, are denied legal redress due to Statutes of Limitations currently ranging from between 3 to 6 years. This is unjust, as a child has little or no ability to seek court action. Many Adoptees were victims of childhood abuse and trauma which may take many years or decades to come to terms with, just like child victims of sexual abuse.

In 2012 The Committee for the Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices, Recommendation 11.2: The committee considers that governments and institutions should take concrete steps toward mitigating the harm done by former forced adoption practices. These include an apology, formal grievance procedures, reforms to ensure removal of unnecessary barriers to litigation and the provision of specialised trauma counselling for the different parties to past adoptions. Chapters 9 and 10 considered the prospect of an apology and the provision of counselling services respectively. This chapter considers the issue of compensation, the options for legal redress and the establishment of a grievance process. These reforms, with exception of an apology and limited trauma counselling, were never implemented.

In 2013 Adoptees that were removed via “Forced Adoption” were acknowledged by the Hon Julia Gillard as victims of Illegal Forced Adoption practices. Adoptees, most of whom were babies at the time, are denied justice. They are denied any legal redress because they are subject to Statute of Limitations, 3 to 6 years from the date of their Adoption or date of the traumatic event.

Adoptees face drastically increased rates of Suicide, Suicide Idealisation, Incarceration, Homelessness, Shortened Life Expectation, Substance Abuse and endured lifelong Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Separation Traumas.

Further, many Adoptees have had adverse life outcomes, succumbing to their traumas. Many were adopted into dysfunctional and sometimes violent households, where no character checks of Adoptive Parents or follow up Child Welfare Checks were conducted.

Adoptees are vulnerable people through no fault of their own. Adoptees endure loss of identity and legal and social separation from biological families, which are traumatic, physiologically changing, lifelong events. Adoptees are subject to intrusive legal provisions limiting access, contact and/or legal reunification, further inflicting trauma and discriminatory treatment upon not only them, but extended family and future generations.

There are very few Adoption Specialising, Psychologists available, of which many adoptees cannot afford. The services that are offered, adoptees find are infrequent, challenging to obtain and not specialised in adoption. This further leads to the adoptee feeling frustrated, unheard, unhealed and left in despair.

We require the government/s to be held accountable for taking all our rights at the point of adoption. We require that they make the time to really listen to what we are saying.

Moving forward, we command recognition, of the damage adoption has caused us. Acknowledgement, that the government of the time, failed us. Dignity, by way of our basic human rights restored. That regardless of our circumstances, to have self-determination of our adoptive status. To be afforded the control over our selves, akin to those born within a biological family.

Thankyou for your support