Petition Closed

Insight Venture Partners invested in a company named Jagex.
However, they now own the majority company share.

They have released an update that many community members find objectionable, and as of such, this petition has been formed in the hope that the update can be revoked swiftly.

The update in question has upset and distressed thousands of people. On the RuneScape community forums, several petition threads have been filled, and the update thread itself has over 1000 pages of disapproval.


Most players seem to have objections towards the said update, which is known as the Squeal of Fortune. Although myself I do not object as strongly as others, it isn't in the spirit of the game, or infact isn't appreciated by the community to be a worthwhile stance on improving income. Over time, moreso, more money would be lost than what would be provided. 

Community members of the MMORPG RuneScape are generally distressed and upset with the update in hand, and have managed to collect several thousand player-signatures in order to appeal the update. Revoking the update may not be in your best favour, and it is most definately not a sign of weakness. It takes stronger companies and leaders to change something because it wasn't liked as much as they predicted- which is something that is valued extremely highly among every community; especially our own.

The Forum Thread announcing the update has been swamped with feedback of a negative form; the petition in mention here, is to try and back up the feedback on the said thread.

Letter to
Mr Horing and/or Mr Crisses Insight Venture Partners
I have just signed a petition requesting removal of a recent update on the game named RuneScape; which is believed to be objectionable by community members whom are likeminded.

The investors whom brought this update into motion are named Insight Venture Partners. The petition has been created in the hope that the update may be revoked.