Remove the revenge drum lines from the Whitsundays now!

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After attacks on two people in the Whitsundays the knee-jerk reaction was approved by the Queensland Government to deploy drum lines in the area to catch and kill sharks in order to "remove large, dangerous sharks from a specific area and reduce the risk to people". This reaction is not only ineffective in reducing the risk to people, it is becoming legally disputed. 

Whilst the government feels or perceives pressure to 'do something' this reactionary response serves as a lose/lose. No one wins when drum lines are deployed. Not the Government, not the sharks, not the victims and not the tourism industry. Drum lines have never been proven to reduce fatal shark attacks on humans. 

Drum lines indiscriminately kill. They kill sharks not responsible for any attack on people. They kill dolphins. They kill other endangered and threatened species. They kill the Australian Government's reputation. They kills people's education in effective shark management and condemn all sharks as killers. They kill Australia's opportunity to become leaders and educators in shark and ocean conservation. They kill years and years of effective scientific research that could save the next human from being attacked.  Drum lines have never provided an actual solution to shark attack. In fact, they destroy our opportunities to truly understand, work out and proactively prevent future attacks.

It’s time to end a culture of cruelty, stupidity and allowing the reactionary approach that the Fisheries Deoartment and Australia Government has consistently deployed in times like these. 

By signing this petition you send a direct message to the Queensland Government and the people who gave the O.K. for the drumlines to be deployed. You stand in support of effective research, smart action and preventatives rather than reactionary, ineffective and cosmetic measures. You take action right now for the right of wildlife across Australia and you ask the Australian Government to use the millions of wonderful people willing and able to find truly viable solutions to future shark attacks, rather than lining up these apex predators and executing them with a very final shot to the head. 

Your signature today will help everyone #beatthedrum and find a real solution to prevent shark attacks tomorrow.