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Remove the Racist "Redskins"!

We are taught from a young age that through American values we can achieve liberty and justice for all. This has, over the course of history, changed from applying to only white land-owning men, to poor men, women, and eventually colored people as well. Although we have effectively removed bigotry, segregation, and racism from mainstream American society, one mascot serves as a window into this dark past. The Washington Redskins.

This racist mascot with over exaggerated facial features and reddish skin remains the symbol for our capitol’s NFL team. If it were the Washington Negroes or the Washington Heebs, with racist cartoons resembling those from the Holocaust, or slavery days, it would have been removed with the rest of the racist characters and mascots in the 1950s. But the Washington Redskins remain. Why? Because the Native American Community has no voice in present American society. It has been drowned out in poverty and lack of opportunity.

As promoters of liberty and Justice we have a moral obligation to fight for these values wherever they are not upheld. In an effort to put an end to stereotyping and bigotry, remove the Redskins as the mascot and team name for the Washington D.C. NFL team.

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