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Remove the need to produce paper printout at airport entrance. Save Paper.

The print outs that passengers are required to show at the entrance gates to enter the airport lead to a colossal wastage of thousands of lakh sheets of paper every year.

Further, the total life of the e-ticket printout that we carry to airports is less than two minutes. The airlines do not need it, the check-in counter does not need it, the boarding gate does not need it. The only one to need this physical print is the CISF personnel standing guard at the entrance to the airport.

It is the purpose of this petition to seek that,

1. The requirement to show ticketing information at the gate be removed totally.
If necessary, a hefty fine could be charged to dissuade non-passengers from entering the airports, similar to the Indian Railways and their usage of platform tickets.

2. If genuine security concerns do not allow this change, at the least the verification of ticketing information via digital displays like mobile phones, tablets and laptops should be allowed.
This would reduce the need to printing the tickets, which is now a mandatory step to enter airports.

It is time we revisited this archaic rule and updated it to serve the needs of the current day.


This petition was delivered to:
  • Director General
    Arun Mishra
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India
    Ajit Singh
  • Joint Commissioner of Security (Civil Aviation)
    Shri.B.B.Dash, IPS

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