Remove the ‘Laidlaw South 11o’clock Wi-Fi’ legislation

Remove the ‘Laidlaw South 11o’clock Wi-Fi’ legislation

8 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fin Gibb

On Monday the 7th of March (11:00pm), the Laidlaw South Wi-Fi was intentionally turned off. Apparently the same thing will happen every night after.   
The goal of the Laidlaw South staff was to solve the role call absence problem. The Wi-Fi was turned off in hopes that the students will get off their devices and go to sleep earlier, which was unfortunately not what happened.

I'm sure everyone awake at 11 remembers what they were doing at the time. 

“I was at my desk catching up with physics work, which I had no time to do during prep as my prefect duty is on Mondays. I was reliant on the Wi-Fi at this moment and unfortunately had no other option but to hand in poor quality work to Dr Twyford the next morning (period 1 and 2 btw). I didn’t even fall asleep any earlier, I remember being awake at 12:30.”

-Laidlaw North (as well as all day boys) don’t have any sort of rule encroaching on their Wi-Fi.

-Those affected by the 11 rule tend to have device alternatives which don’t require Wi-Fi (music, downloaded movies or TV shows, 4G, etc…).

-For those with a body clock, the 11 rule won’t benefit them at all.

-For those with relatives abroad (who’s relatives aren’t awake during most of our day) may not get a good chance to communicate with each other.

-The 11 rule will negatively effect those who have work to catch up on.

-Some find sleeping easier with a documentary in front of them.

-Some rely on the time at the end of the day to get proper relaxation.

-There is a good chance this won’t effect the probability of the turn up to role call.

-The 11 rule is belittling and shows a lack of trust.

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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