Remove the gate and reclaim access for ALL to the West shore spit in Pickering

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For over 100 years, Pickering residents have enjoyed the spit on the west shore of Frenchman's Bay. It has been used by many over the decades to participate in both Summer & Winter activities/sports on the lake and the bay. The spit enabled both disabled and able bodied residents to conveniently access the water or ice without the need to drag and haul equipment hundreds of yards along gravel or paved trails to the waters edge. 

However, in 2017, The City of Pickering arbitrarily blocked access to the spit with a locked steel gate, completely without warning and without consulting Pickering residents. This was an area where many local residents and visitors to the area previously launched small boats, personal water craft, canoes, kayaks and RC boats. This was also a popular area to head out on the water or ice for kite surfing & kite skating, kids ice hockey,  ice fishing with hand pulled sleds and much more. Despite promises from the city to do so for almost 3 years now, they have never reopened the West shore spit to Pickering residents to once again enjoy any of the aforementioned activities. Many residents moved to Pickering specifically for the access to the bay and to be able to enjoy these outdoor activities with their families. The spit is an especially important access point for disable residents and visitors, it allows them to enjoy the view of the lake from inside or close to their vehicles. Promises were also made by the City to build a public boat launch for residents, which again, has never been built. It would appear that the development of condo towers is the number one priority for our Mayor right now, not the residents, or their health, happiness and well being. 

OPENING THE GATE WILL DRASTICALLY REDUCE TRAFFIC ON LIVERPOOL ROAD FOR EAST SHORE RESIDENTS: In doing this, the pros far outweigh the cons for both residents and the city. One example being that by reinstating access to the water and ice to ALL local residents, the high traffic volume, currently creating both safety and congestion concerns for East shore residents will be drastically reduced, in Summer and Winter.

OPENING THE GATE WILL ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR ICE FISHERMEN, KITE SURFERS AND SNOWMOBILERS TO PARK ON QUIET WEST SHORE SIDE STREETS: West shore residents will no longer be disturbed by dozens of vehicles and trailers parking on public side streets. Ice fishermen, skaters, ice hockey players and kite skaters will once again park and access the ice from the spit, far away from private homes.

By collecting 1,000 signatures on this petition, The City of Pickering and the Mayor will have no choice but to hear our request for access to the spit to be reinstated, and the locked gate removed permanently.

The Mayor and his Developer friends already have plans in place,  and are intent on decimating parts of our waterfront, wetlands and the bay. We cannot allow them take it all, please help us fight back and save the public land on the west shore spit for our kids and future generations to enjoy.

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Thank you for your support!