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Remove 'The Creatures of Lorain County' (Facebook Page) and delete others like them immediately.

Its one thing to laugh *with* someone but its another to publicly bash others laughing AT THEM, without their knowledge or consent. It's even worse when they bash people with medical conditions and disabilities, or staking out the welfare offices to snap photos to post publicly of those in need asking for help.

Let's not show potential new residents, companies, employers that they would be better off picking another location on the map. Our world is filled with enough hate, more than enough bullies, and its time for change in the right direction. Sign this petition telling Facebook and our officials to remove pages and sites like this that promote ugly hate in our community. Let's make this place better not worse! After all Lorain County needs more jobs and good people. :)

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Facebook Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook
Facebook Andrew Noyes, PPCM, Facebook
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook
Remove this page and other sites

I demand that you remove 'The Creatures of Lorain County,' facebook page and delete others like them to help prevent pages like this from being created in the future.

Harassment of people based on looks and health issues is not acceptable in any situation and Facebook should be no exception. According to Facebook's Terms of Service, Facebook does not allow material that will "bully, intimidate, or harass" others uses and prohibits behavior that is "harmful" or "threatening."

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