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Remove the awful cover of Come on Eileen from Rev.G's Spotify Playlist. Its offensive.

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The cult, local rugby club wedding hit performed by the infamous Dexy's Midnight Runners, 'Come on Eileen' has entertained and inspired us through our childhoods whilst we watched our heavily intoxicated relatives, bounce upon the lino dancefloors, performing 'The rowing boat' and spilling their chardonnays and cheeky vimtos over our confused, naive,sober faces. The artists behind this generation of non-stop smash hits have endured through the era's with few worthy candidates of our own pityful millenial generation of music able to compare.

Now dominated by dance pop re-hashes and dreadful merges of musical genres, the dubiously named "artists", Save Ferris and their *gag* cover *cough* of this dad dancing classic, not only does a dis-service to Dexy, and her Midnight Runners, but to our workplace, our customers and also to the creative potential of the Spotify Playlist known universally, heard infinitely and felt existentially as Rev.G. If we stand together, we can restore the respect this well-made playlist has within the walls of Liverpools ultimate student bar, The Font. Once. And. For. All.

Not convinced? Hear this travesty for yourself (Thanks Youtube)

Distracted by the optimistic bouncy vibes? Now, imagine it sandwiched between the raw feels of Paolo Nutini's Rewind, and Frank Oceans badass Think 'bout You. Yeah you must be convinced now. It was even in the run up to the Man Utd vs Southampon game.

Conditions for the fulfilment of this petition.

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Find Save Ferris' Come on Eileen cover on Rev.G
  3. Click "Remove from Playlist"
  4. Then Click on search
  5. Add Boys II Men "End of the Road" instead.

Justice. Peace. Order.

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