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Remove Symbol's of White Supremacy in Franklin County, North Carolina.

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While growing up in rural North Carolina, I can remember shopping in town on Saturday mornings as a child. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) would march from the Confederate Statue on N. Main St., through downtown Louisburg, this was in the 70's. Now today, knowing that the Statues and Monuments around the Country represents White Supremacy, American Terrorist, that upholds the Confederacy. All of the Atrocities(Evils) alone is indeed more than any reason why they need to be taken down. Honoring bigot's of The Confederacy, that was fighting to keep Blacks in Bondage (Slavery), this is another reason why people all over the Country have started taken a stand. Many Black Americans have lost their lives, due to this type of mind set called "Hate," which was/is a big burden to bare in the past and present day. Now, if we turn on the TV, we can see other types of reminders all day long, so why do we need to drive down the street from our homes to be reminded? If a community ever plan on fully bridging the gap, it can never fully happen, while some people are still holding on to an old way of thinking.

Personally, I thought America had grown past this type of mindset, holding on to Monuments and Statues that represent "Hate," shows otherwise, The Truth. True understanding has to began some where, it's clearly time out for those relics of the past. If we are to ever move forward, "Take the Confederate Statues and Monuments Down" and let the past be the past. No one can change history, but Statues can be Removed. If people would like to learn about the Confederacy, that's what the Library's for, there are books written about this subject located there. Remember, when this Statue was installed, Blacks from the community didn't have a voice, nor could they fight back against such foolishness, but today we are the voices for our ancestors. This Statue stood for Hate and White Supremacy then and it stands for Hate and White Supremacy Today. In my opinion, not much has changed in Franklin County, from the day of installment to the present day. It's time to Remove this Statue in Louisburg, North Carolina. Located on N. Main St.!

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