REMOVE Vedanta Sterlite: Request for permanent closure of Sterlite

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What will you do if you wake up from a sound sleep with nausea , eye irritation, breathing difficulties in an early morning ?Well, you have grown enough to manage the situation.How about all your family members, including your kids are doing the same within a few seconds without time to think? You will feel like someone squeezing your heart and trying to break your brain with a hammer. Won't you?This happened for Thoothukudi(TamilNadu, India) people on 23rd of March 2013. A noxious gas leaked from Vedanta Sterlite copper Smelting plant and it took only few minutes to spread all over Thoothukudi , resulting the people to get death anxiety. Are you able to recollect Bopal disaster?
The Plant , situated near the living area was shut down for few days after people's protests with respect to this incident(Casualties reported inside the plant.This is just a sample. Many deaths and accidents have been hidden). The Government certified that there was no such incident happened( i.e., there was no gas leakage) and they reopened the plant without any issues. Protests against sterlite are not a new , they have been always since the day they laid foundation. They have polluted the town & surroundings very well along with Thermal Power Stations and SPIC Fertilizer. Now a days , it is very uncommon to get rain in our district but acid rains which kill trees are very common in the surrounding area . A latest study shows a significant growth in cancer reports . Aapparently you can see the number cancer clinics have been increasing in the past few years.
OK, Why this Smelting plant which is supposed to be kept in a desert has been built in a living area? Well, it needs lot of water for it's manufacturing units. So the water from river Thamiravaruni which is not even sufficient for fulfilling drinking and agricultural needs of surrounding people is distilled and supplied by the Government. Why can't they use 'Cleaned Ganga' which has excessive amounts of water where people are allowed to float dead bodies ? No answer.
Another important reason is Thoothukudi port.Sterlite can receive it's core materials and ship its products across the world. Then why not Gujarat ? No answer.
Thoothukudi is a historic place located near Korkai , the capital of ancient Pandian Kingdom which had business relationships across the world before 3000 years ago. Adhichanallur where African, Mangolian and European skeletons dated to 5000 BC found, which can rewrite world history is just few Kilometres away from here .
It is located at the Gulf of Mannar , rare species of sea lives and corals are about to extinct ,as a result of polluted sea. Thoothukudi is also known as pearl harbour where pearl fishery has been happening for atleast 2000 years.
Parrots died. We didn't care . Because we can watch them in the zoo. Fish & turtle died. WE didn't care because we don't need them. Elephants died . We didn't care because we are not going to use them for war anymore. Trees died. W have Aircondioned room,so we are safe . Now It's our turn to die with toxic gases. who cares?
What are we going to leave for our kids ? Animals and birds which we enjoyed? Healthy food? pure water? Not even healthy air. I know kids who are suffering with wheezing problems on entering into our town. Is this something that a father would like to present his kid?
Now Sterlite is expanding its operations at Thoothukudi , has got clearance for additional plants. Some selfless people are doing peaceful protests but suppressed by the governments .
I would like to appeal all my brothers and sisters across the world to help saving our people. I know it is not so simple to ban or to stop the expansion. Vedanta group is a multimillionaire group doing business across the world. But when we unite together and show our strength, governments will reconsider . Let's hope for the best.