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In a time where we as a people are more conscious in regards to the things we say, our actions and are trying to create more ways to help decrease the levels of suicides in our society this should traverse into our radio waves & the frequencies introduced to people youth and adults alike.

TO START - The song "  XO Tour llif3 by the artist Lil Uzi Vert"with the lyrics "push me to the edge all my friends are dead" should not be played on any major stations

my immediate goal1: remove that song from major radio stations and Goal2: open up dialogue in regards to a peaceful balance between censorship and freedom of speech...


imagine this reality:

I am in my driveway and there is a father with his daughter in the car. He gets out to talk to someone and the radio is playing on a major station.

His cute little princess maybe 3 or 4 is bopping to a song and then a new song comes on while her dad proceeds to talk to his friend.

The song has a catchy tune and is repetitive so she picks it up quickly and starts to sing along.

 The words are:

"All my friends are dead , push me to the edge"

I AM DISGUSTED because she was too young to understand the magnitude of the toxic words she was singing but old enough to repeat it. 

I then googled the song and came across the video from Uzi Vert which was bloody and violent and another video popped up.woth an artist named  New age JerkBoy who's song married to the game depicts the image of a male figure ( I say figure because although he appeared to be male he is wearing a white wedding dress so not sure if he is transgender, etc.. )  allowing a female to point a gun into his mouth.

WHY ARE SONGS & IMAGES OF THIS NATURE ALLOWED TO BE DISPLAYED ON  REGULAR RADIO stations, etc. online for all to see and have easy access to?

Why should the young impressionable minds who will become our future leaders see such rubbish?

WE are constantly lashing out against: bullying, we are creating suicide hotlines and we are telling people there is power in words yet we allow toxic music and images to be on display and not just on display but on the forefront. 


please sign this petition and let's put it in motion for there to be stronger censoprship STARTING FIRST with having that song pulled from the radio stations.


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