Remove Section 2 from Darcy: Who Has Dysautonomia NOT A Mental Disorder

Remove Section 2 from Darcy: Who Has Dysautonomia NOT A Mental Disorder

4 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

My name is Darcy Keverian-Rand.
I am a 25 year old woman who is medically diagnosed with:
- Dysautonomia
- Damagedvagusnerve
- Gastroparesis
- Osteopenia
- MacrocyticHypochromicAnemia
- RaynaudsSyndrome
- SuspectedEhlersDanlosSyndrome
- Historically:AnorexiaNervosaaged14-16yearsold.OfwhichIhavefullyrecovered.
I am not under any psychiatric team, I do not see a psychologist - I have no mental health problems. My current health issues are entirely medical and neurologically based.
On Friday 20th May 2022, my two primary care physicians Dr Solomon Begg and Dr Jennifer Duschl of St John’s Practice (162 St John's Hill, London SW11 1SW) - who had not physically seen me for a duration of 6+ months, instructed an ambulance with four paramedics to come to my home address, with no pre-warning, no prior phone call or means of communication. They had been informed that they were not to leave until I agreed to go with them to hospital to have a series of blood tests and an ECG. There were no sectioning papers in place or court orders to validate this order, and yet I was coerced and threatened by my GP, who I proceeded to phone immediately to ask what was going on. With a very vague and political manner refused to give me a straight answer and kept repeating that if I did not go to A&E, he would ‘escalate matters’.

As a compliant individual with full mental capacity, I obliged and went in an ambulance to Kingston Hospital with my mother as my company - who is my advocate, supporter, carer, mother and best friend. We arrived at Kingston Hospital at approximately 11:45am. I had blood tests done, and an ECG and was then placed in an open bay/ cubicle in A&E where we ended up waiting until 11:45pm with absolutely no engagement with doctors, no sense of emergency, no clarity or clarification as to what was going on. I was stuck in this bay all day with my mother, with no nutrition, not offered any water or food, and was consistently threatened that if I were to leave, I would be sectioned. Despite there being no papers in place, and every medic I did manage to talk to seemingly oblivious as to why I was even in Kingston Hospital. I eventually managed to speak with the on call nurse and registrar and - with their assurance that there would be no reprocussions - self discharged at midnight, after they informed me that all my bloods were normal as was my ECG. The only blood test they could not attain was Potassium because the blood clotted during transit and wait to the lab in Kingston Hospital. To remedy this and to reassure people from a medical perspective, I emailed by GP’s personally that same early morning to ask for a blood form to be written up for me to colledct on Monday where I would then go to complete the bloodwork to ensure that I am not a clinical emergency and am well - thinking this bizarre and unprecedented series of events would come to an end. How mistaken I was.
On Monday the 23rd May 2022, my mother and I had just pulled on our coats, and were about to leave the house to go to Queen Mary’s Hospital SW London to get my blood test done, and opened the door to four police men instructed to ‘come for Darcy’. They similarly did not know why they were there, who had sent them, what the objective was; once again also: no sectioning papers to be seen. And yet in spite of this, I was threatened and coerced to ‘go to hospital to have blood tests and an ‘assessment’’ to avoid ‘this matter escalating’. Everyone was vague with me, I was terrified, scared, confused and lost. But once again, as a woman with full mental capacity, I obliged and went with the police to St George’s Hospital where I assumed all I would be having was a blood test and an ECG, to speak with any physician to clarify wellness and mental capacity, then go home.
One again: how wrong I was.
After bloods, which all presented as normal, and an ECG which also presented as normal, I was thrust with my mother into yet another bay in A&E where we remained untended do for near 8 hours. It was only after this duration of time that a Dr (Dr Ella) whom I had never met before came to see us to inform me that I would be talking with two mental health nurses, to ‘gather some more information about me’. I obliged, still confused. The nurses were called Hamish and Sophie. They, to my face, gave me the presentation of understanding, empathy and said to me verbatim: “you clearly have mental capacity, sit tight and we’ll go away to sort out the next steps to get you home’. We waited. Only to then be met again by Dr Ella who informed my mother and I that I would be having a mental health assessment with two psychiatrists and an AMP (Approved Mental Health Professional). This is all happening, I remind you, with me not being under any psychiatric care or team for three plus years. 


We had the mental health assessment which lasted the best part of half hour where I was asked questions about my understanding of ‘the situation at hand’, and my day to day life, my bmi, my weight, how/what I eat and do in a day... it was all very strange to me as up until this point - despite being a low bmi presently due to my gastroparesis - I have been well, happy and functioning perfectly normally at home. Once the assessment was over, the two psychs and the AMP went to ‘discuss their decision’. They returned to tell me that I would NOT be being sectioned, and that the intention was to do more bloods, possibly one more ECG, and all being well, go home that evening/early morning and reconvene via email with them at a later date in that week / the next few days to commence work in the community (ie outpatient services) with a dietician and my GP for more support to aid in matters like weight gain and stability. I was still confused, but relieved nonetheless and obliged - wanting this ordeal to end to resume normality and get home to my safe, happy and comfortable environment where I could start to look after myself again as I have been up until this confusing series of events all started.
My mother and I were waiting for the team to return for the next steps... only to be met by the AMP (Mark) and Dr Ella. Upon discussing the decision with this Dr Ella, who I remind you has never met me before in my life, I was told I was not allowed to go home. But that I was not sectioned. BUT if I DID try to leave, I would be. I felt threatened,and scared


The next day showed no better outcome or understanding of what was happening. However, all my bloods were amazingly normal, as was an ECG conducted that morning of 24th May 2022. On the 25th May 2022, I was seen by Dr Penny Nield Gastroenterologist, a Dr Fu, a nutrition team (including someone called Emma and Kat) and Dr Ewa Zadeh, main consultant psychiatrist at Springfield University Hospital London (who I have met and worked with before when I did suffer anorexia as a teen, and also three years prior due to a very similar series of events as I am telling you of now, though no where near as traumatising and messy).
I was told that I would be given an NG feeding tube. But I was not under section.
I questioned why, when I am perfectly capable of eating and drinking, albeit with difficulty as a person with gastroparesis. Their argument was that I am a ‘low BMI and in risk of re feeding syndrome’ - despite NOT being in any state of refeeding because I DO eat and drink at home ordinarily, with a weight that is maintained, and a lifestyle that, yes is slow and gentle, but functionable and ‘happy’ as an ordinary person can be going from day to day. I was not listened to, and threatened with sectioning if I were to ‘not engage with treatment’. Despite anyone with full mental capacity having the total rights to refuse medical treatment.
I obliged to have this tube feed, still hurt, confused, scared and angry. And it was instantly a disaster. The tube they initially put in was too wide (measuring at 14cm). For a duration of 1.5hrs I was choking/asphixiating with nurses all witness to it. Wretching on the edge of my bed, gasping for air, with people refusing to remove it because ‘it was the doctors instructions for it to be put in”. Eventually after 1.5hrs, the nurse in charge removed the tube. Now having been without nutrtiion for nearly 72 hours, my mother went to get me a milkshake, soft brioche buns and a soup - which is the diet I have at home: nourishing, soft and delicious.
Dr Fu then came to see me, as I was half way through eating. And said: So, we are eating! Hm... well, we are putting the tube back in, and you are now under section 2 of the mental health act which will last 28 days. If you refuse, you will be restrained and forcefully tubed. You will remain on one to one and stay here until the psychiatric team and nutritonists have a plan of what to do with you next.

I was traumatised.
Four days lapsed with the tube, and I calmly expressed my concerns to the team daily about feeling constipated, uncomfortable; not understanding why they would not let me eat or even drink water (rationed to 200ml water a day and if I dared to drink more, I would have to have another mental health assessment)... and they refused to engage. Adamant on the NG tube: nothing else, nothing less, and most certainly nothing more.
After four days, I experienced such a profound level of constipation that I vomited, and the tube came up through my mouth, leading me to asphyxiation yet again. Because I was on one to one and sectioned, they would not let me eat/ drink anything - despite now being without ‘a feed’ (term for feeding tube with bag attached for nasogastric nutrition). I was without anything for 24 hours. Starved and parched, the next day, with still no one having come to give me even a medical supplement drink such as Fortisip (which are plentiful in hospitals), my mother brought me a milkshake again and an iced coffee to give me SOME form of substinance. This did not go down well with the team when they did eventually syrface to see me, and I was told no we are putting the tube back in and if you refuse... (same threats given).
I obliged, because - repeating myself yet again: I am compliant, and of sound mind. A smaller tube was inserted, and bridled - meaning it is fixed with magnetic, strings and a clip. Upon this approach, my nose was constantly dripping and I experienced chronic nose bleeds - to which no one seemed to be perturbed by. This tube lasted nearly 2 days, before it moved up my oesophagus during my sleep, and resulted in the formula of the feed dispersing into my mouth, and running out of my nose - so yet another bout of suffocation/asphyxiation. I myself did not remove the tube, but waited to illustrate wjhat was happening to the on call nurse, which took a surplus of 2 hours for him to come and remove - all the while, me dripping with fluid, blood, nausea and no nutritional input.
I have since been rallying with the nutrition team, the psychiatrists imploring to them to see sense. The tube has not been working, despite my defiant efforts to make it work. I have always permitted them to reinsert the tube when or if it has come out. I have been engaging and trying my absolute hardest.
My bloods are all normal. I’m not in a state of refeeding. My weight has increased.
What. More. Do. These. People. Want. When I am NOT anorexic, WHY am I sectioned?
When I have clinical letters from my neurologist CLEARLY DIAGNOSING ME with the named conditions above... how and why am I being treated like dirt, told by nurses:
You are under section, you do not have a voice.
You are under section, you don’t have a say in anything. You are anorexic.
You are non compliant.
It’s all in your head.

Why. Why and why.
This is my story - so far. And everyday unravels a new horror or trauma or mistreatment. I am writing to you as a media publication to make my story heard and to uncover the extent of medical gaslighting and negligence that goes on behind the closed doors of the systems and institutions we are supposed to have trust in.
I am here to advocate for those silenced by the system as I fight my corner and work to set myself free from these restrictions: to return back home in to the world where I can live, be happy, work on being healthy and continue to battle of my conditions - without psychiatrists dictating and destroying my existence as Darcy.


Help me get my Section 2 removed so I can live my life again as a free woman. Please. �❤️‍�
Darcy Keverian - Rand
written Saturday 4th June 2022


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