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Since Seanzviewent first came to YouTube in 2012 he has built a reputation off lying to his subscribers, doing fake giveaways, making death threats to other Youtubers, exposed himself, click baited his audience with misleading titles, made false claims and a ton of other antics on YouTube. And through all these antics time after time he has been reported to YouTube support and they havnt taken any action against his channel.
This petition was created to give people on YouTube a chance to do something about his antics. But its also to show why antics like these don't belong on YouTube or anywhere on the internet.
He has been told by many people to stop his antics only to have him insult the people who ask him to stop.

He talks about wrestling news on his YouTube channel. Problem is he titles his videos such as Breaking News or Backstage News which either of these isn't true because its not from a wrestling company like WWE or TNA so its not breaking news or backstage news and when he does this its misleading the viewer into subscribing to his channel and seeing his videos which off his views he gets paid YouTube money. He has also claimed former wrestlers will return like claiming CM Punk who walked out of WWE in 2014 is coming back when there is no proof or confirmation from him or WWE about a return. He titles the video CM Punk returns in the thumbnail and this completely false and misleading. He has done this hundreds of time and can be considered false advertising and misleading and stealing YouTube revenue as its fake news.

But this isn't the only thing he has done and got away with. He is famous for asking people for money on his channel and has changed the reasons why he needs money. This is through the website which is a website dedicated to raise money for people in dire emergencies who have a lot of problems. And here he is on that website asking people for donations on circumstances that cant be considered a emergency or life threating. He has asked for money to see a doctor because he has no health care but then changed the reasons to wanting a studio and then changing from that to wanting YouTube to be his full time job.  The problem with these things are they cant be considered life threating when compared to someone who lost their home due to a hurricane or who is homeless or who has a disease or illness. And he has changed the amount of money he wants. But when people notice he changes the reasons he needs money he replies it was a storyline. A storyline is something that is fiction. Asking people for money on false circumstances and not returning their money on that original circumstance that they asked for is fraud and stealing. It would be like if I said I need money for a operation and then people saw I didn't get the operation and they ask me well where did the money go if you didn't use it for the operation and I reply oh it was just a storyline. Did I not just lie and con that person for money?




He has made claims that he dosnt make any money on YouTube. But if you go to Seanzviewent Social Blade you will see he makes money on YouTube to where he shouldn't be asking for money through donations.


He even exposed himself on his channel. Here is the censored version of his antic. And YouTube support knows if this but didn't take action to remove his channel.

Here are the links of him asking for money on his YouTube channel."

He has even done giveaways despite his claims he dosnt make money and will become homeless.

He has had over 5 petitions in the past to remove him from YouTube.

But despite all the proof YouTube support continues to ignore his antics and lets him do these things. What kind of example is YouTube support setting by keeping him on their website. By keeping him on YouTube it sends a message that doing the antics of Seanzviewent that its ok to do so but also that people could turn into him by doing his antics. 

But it dosnt have to be. People can come together and sign this petition and send a message that antics like these do not belong anywhere nor should they be tolerated. 
This petition is being created because it gives people a option to do something about these antics.
Seanzviewent claims he does these things because he has passion for what he does. But his antics speak for themselves as wrong and dishonest. What is so passionate about exposing yourself to people or doing a fake giveaway or asking for donations on circumstances he isn't really going through? Or taking advantage of the Gofundme website asking for donations on false causes and circumstances.
This petition if it goes through is calling for the immediate termination of Seanzviewent from YouTube. He has been told time after time to stop his antics but will never stop. YouTube support has been told time after time of these antics and issues and they do not step in and remove his channel. How much more harm has to be done before he is stopped? How many more people does he have to mislead for financial gain before he is stopped?
Please everyone show support for this petition and set the right example. If you all have kids or know someone who has kids wouldn't you all want to set a good morale for them by teaching them that these antics are wrong? Its time to stand up and let it be known that these types of antics don't belong on YouTube or anywhere else.

I ask everyone to please show support for this petition and set the right example. Please show support and together we can make a difference.




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