Remove Scottsville District Representative Christopher Dumler from the Albemarle County BOS

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Remove Scottsville District Representative Christopher Dumler from the Albemarle County BOS

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Beth Boyer started this petition to Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Y. Lunsford and

This is an important issue for Scottsville District residents. Chris Dumler was elected to the BOS in January 2012. In October 2012, he was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy, a felony in Virginia. He recently plead guilty to a lesser charge (misdemeanor sexual battery) to avoid a felony trial. He was sentenced to one year in jail, with all but 60 days suspended (only 30 days of which he will serve).

This man is not fit to be in a position of authority in our local government. He clearly lacks integrity and good judgment, and he should be removed from the BOS immediately per Virginia Code § 24.2-233.

Please pass a link to this petition on to your friends and neigbors in the Scottsville District so we can quickly reach our goal of 372 signatures!

Thank you for supporting this important issue!


Update 2/27/13

Hi fellow supporters,

I'm writing to let you know about an email campaign we're undertaking. Dumler was quoted in a Hook article yesterday saying something about having received many more emails in support of him than against him, and we need to change that. :) Send an email to, which reaches every member of the board. This is especially important if you're a resident of the Scottsville district...and please mention that you are a resident if you are. Here's the note I sent to Dumler yesterday afternoon in case you'd like some help getting started. But anything you write will be fine!


"Mr. Dumler, I'm a resident of the Scottsville district, and I am writing to request your resignation.

I read today that you said you've received many more emails of support than emails asking you to step down. I wanted to try to even that out a bit by contacting you personally to ask for your resignation, and I hope many others will follow suit after reading the Hook article where that quote appears.

You are not fit to be in a position of authority in our local government. Your actions and behavior show that you clearly lack integrity and good judgment. Your fellow Albemarle County employees (police, fire, teachers, etc.) would almost certainly lose their jobs were they to plead guilty to misdemeanor sexual battery. I would like to hear, directly from you, why it is that you believe those rules should not apply to you as well.

You are a public servant, and you have lost the trust and respect of many people whom you represent, not to mention several of your fellow supervisors. For those reasons, I ask that you step down as supervisor. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you."


Thanks again for all your help!

Regards, Beth Woods Boyer


Update: 2/13/13

Hi supporters,

We will be holding signing events at two locations this Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. Come sign the official legal petition! The sooner we get the required number of signatures, the sooner we can submit the petition to the court and get the ball rolling on getting rid of Dumler!

Charlottesville location (Beth Boyer):

Mill Creek Food Lion

32 Mill Creek Drive

Charlottesville, VA 22902

Scottsville location (Earl Smith):

Structural Steel (across from Scottsville Food Lion)

179 James River Road

Scottsville, VA 24590

Please pass this info along to friends, family, neighbors. We need to finish this campaign strong!

And if you are free for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon and could help at either location, please let Beth Boyer ( or Earl Smith ( know. We'd love to have helpers to hold signs and get people driving by to stop and sign.

Thanks so much!

-Beth Boyer


Update: 2/10/13

Hello fellow petitioners:

I'm writing to thank you for your support on this important issue. I'm also writing to ask that you take the time to sign the paper petition that's circulating. In order to arrange to sign the petition, contact Earl Smith ( or me (

I work at the Darden School at UVA and could arrange to meet you there sometime this week. Earl was also planning to set up some signing events, which I'll post here once they're set up. 

Thanks so much for your support!

Beth Boyer

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This petition had 215 supporters