Remove Sammi Prepper From YouTube!!!!!

Remove Sammi Prepper From YouTube!!!!!

1 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Misfit Bec Live!!

Are you tired of online bullying on YouTube? Well I know a sure am.

I am making this petition to ask for everyone to help remove an online bully, and predator of the platform, they have done some unthinkable actions on YouTube over the past seven years.


Let me introduce Sammi.

Samantha has been a YouTube Creator/Live Streamer for the past seven years on YouTube, she originally started out uploading videos of her life that incorporated her family (her daughter and her husband), she then moved on from this type of content very quickly and moved into the prepping and bush crafting community. In early 2017 before I enter the YouTube platform she left the prepping and bush crafting community and moved on to the drama community where she continued to upload some prepping videos but mainly concentrated on drama.

Since 2018 when I came to know Sammi I have seen a great decline in her behaviour on the platform. She has doxed many people photos, including young children, she lies and manipulates her audience into believing anything that comes out of her mouth, she is constantly swearing calling people the C word, and the F word comes out of her mouth like her taking a breathe.

Here is a list of some of the actions this person as done that I can remember:


  1. Scammed thousands of dollars from her subs claiming she was dying of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), which was later discovered as being untrue and she lied for over two years to get as much money from her subs.
  2. She has drawn nazi symbols on head and upside done crosses claiming it was the signs of peace.
  3. Lied about many people being paedophiles when there is no proof of these allegations,
  4. She has also video taped young boys as young as 12 smoking marijuana without the consent of their parents/caregivers.
  5. She has also shown marijuana on her Live Streams and other paraphernalia.
  6. She has put her young child in danger many times with her passing out on streams with heaters going and we often see her falling over herself.
  7. She has also asked her young daughter to lift her top up while filming to saw her body to her subs.
  8. She has also admitted to sleeping naked with her 14 year old child (same child) and also has taken photos of her child's backside and shown the world.
  9. She also went to a persons house and vandalised their property and threatening their life with a knife then denies ever being there even though she admitted to not one person but at least three people that she did it.
  10. She was exposed for being on drugs in late 2018 as well.


These are only the few I do remember but I am sure people will tell you in the comment section what this person as done to them.

Please sign the petition to get this person removed and away from the internet as she is very disturbed and needs to not have access to any social media.

Thank you for taking the time to read and to sign this petition.


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This petition had 8 supporters

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