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Remove Rush Limbaugh

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Rush Limbaugh's inflammatory remarks regarding Sandra Fluke and women who stand up for their reproductive (and medical) rights were degrading, humiliating, unnecessary, vulgar and sexist.

Don Imus was pulled off the air for calling members of the Rutgers University's Women's Basketball team "nappy-headed ho's". Those comments were considered racist and inflammatory with no room in America for that type of public commentary. So why is Mr. Limbaugh allowed to continue to be broadcasted with barely an apology to Ms. Fluke and women like her?

If Don Imus lost his job because of his remarks, so should Rush Limbaugh. For a man who has had multiple marriages to argue that for women to ask that birth control be considered medication under Health Care Reform, are sluts, then Mr. Limgaugh could arguably be a man of loose morals and, therefor, has no business commentating on other people's sexual health and activities.

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