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First of all, I just want to make it clear that this petition is just for a laugh. Obviously, nothing will come of it. That said, I still feel strongly about this.

DCEU / Snyder fans everywhere want The Snyder Cut of Justice League released. We are sick of being misrepresented by Roberto Mata Gutiérrez (now going by the name "Orlando Gutiérrez") who makes us look like morons at every turn due to his crazy antics.

First of all, he believes he in invaluable to the release of The Snyder Cut. He believes, had he not created the petition, then one would not exist. If he hadn't started the petition, it wouldn't have any effect on the situation whatsoever. If he didn't do it, the next guy would have. And it would still have the same amount of signatures. The first thing I did after the seeing the film was look online to see if anyone had started a petition for Snyder's Cut to be released yet, and if they hadn't, I would have, as would many other people. It was pure chance that Roberto Mata got there first. He was fast. That's it.

He is a petulant child, very possessive over the petition. Always referring to it as "my petition", every single time. He even threw a fit when Sheraz Farooqi was rightfully getting credit for his excellent re-write of the petition. Mata's original was nothing more than an incoherent rant at Warner Bros., Farooqi started from scratch and created something respectful, professional and precise. Since then, Mata has edited it countless times and blocked everyone who questions him on social media.

We believe Roberto Mata should value the professionalism and appeal of the petition (and the hopes of the 174K+ people who have signed it) more than his own ego.

Now he wants money for a documentary, for which he wouldn't be able to interview anyone as they would all be under NDA's anyway. This isn't the first time he's asked for money through the petition. We are sick of this nonsense.

The bottom line is this: He is harmful to our cause, he is not helping in any way.

Please just stop acting like a jackass. Ideally, hand over the reigns of the petition to someone competent, like Sheraz Farooqi and/or Fiona Zheng.

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