Remove Robert De Niro’s Voice from the 9/11 Museum Audio Tour Recording

I think Robert De Niro either has a mental problem or he's just a nasty, evil POS!!! He has hated President Trump from the start of his Presidency! Pres. Trump has done a fantastic job with our economy, our military and our country in general! Our GDP is 3.0 Pres. Trump's best President we've had in more than a decade!! De Niro is psycho in his hateful and evilness toward Pres. Trump! I guess he believes he's better than Pres. Trump...BUT He's NOT!! I'm sure he's Not Smarter!! President Trump Has An IQ of 155 and intelligence wise and being leader of the world's best country probably just pisses this short little POS De Niro Off to no end!! Get Over Your self Shrimp EnStein!! You Will NEVER Be Smarter Or A Better Man Than President Trump!!! Yes Remove His Voice, He Doesn't Deserve Even To Be In Our Country!!!

Barbara Swisher-Richards, San Diego, CA, United States
2 years ago
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