Remove, Recall, Impeach Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, felony cover-up

Remove, Recall, Impeach Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, felony cover-up

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Scott huminski started this petition to Governor Ron DeSantis and

*** Alert *** Update 5/16/22*** Prosecutor commits suicide 30 days after court filings in Equality Florida v. DeSantis, 4:22-cv-00134-AW-MJF, United States District Court (N. D. Florida) depicting the DeSantis felony forgery cover-up of the crimes of Prosecutor Anthony Kunasek. 

Gunshot to the head after FBI interview.

Papers filed in Equality Florida v. DeSantis causing a criminal investigation and suicide:

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In the Court Case, 

  • Huminski v. DeSantis, et al., Florida 11th Judicial Circuit, 2021-CA-018435,

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody are both defendants and have been served in the case with documents that memorialize;

  • felony forgery of a court order, F.S. § 831.01, and
  • felony official misconduct, F.S. § 838.022.  

The forgery of a Court Order was accomplished by lifting judicial signatures and other content off of legitimate papers and manufacturing a new court order without the participation of a judge or other legitimate authority.  The forgery was accomplished covertly by courthouse staff in the dark recesses of the Courthouse.

Instead of taking action to remove the courthouse criminals, DeSantis directed his attorney general to cover-up the entire matter by filing court papers intending to silence the whistleblower and silence, in the Florida courts, any speech detailing his complicity in the cover-up of per se governmental crime.

A copy of a court paper detailing the manufacture and forgery of court orders is located at,


Lifting of a judicial signature and other content from a valid court order to manufacture an illegitimate forged court order is government corruption of the highest order.  As well as adding content to manufacture a forged court order, some content had to be digitally removed as set forth in the above links.  Whatever was needed to accomplish the forgery, the State of Florida was willing to do it.

A crime Governor DeSantis and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody endorse.  The Justice Department should be all over the corruption in this "law and order" police state governed by these corrupt politicians.  The forgery of court orders violates Due Process in violation of the Federal Constitution and, as such, constitutes federal crimes under,

  • 18 U.S.C. 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights
  • 18 U.S.C. 242 - Deprivation of Right Under the Color of Law

Now we have the highest elected officials in the State of Florida joining in on the, quite criminal, police state fun and games ... it is for one purpose, to let citizens know that an all-powerful government entity will do whatever it takes to oppress and terrorize the citizenry with big government abuses of power and official crime.  

The President and the Justice Department have to take steps to stop the official crimes emanating from this corrupt southeast corner of the United States.  Officials from this corrupt police state can't be expected to do anything other than continue the crime and constitutional deprivations.


Motion to find Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in Contempt of Court

filed on 3/15/2022


For those legally inclined, the appellate attorney going after DeSantis' felony cover-up was killed in a car crash in early March 2022.

The Appellant seeks new counsel, but, in the interim has filed the below motion which details the outrageous government conduct in one inclusive document with evidence attached.   Enjoy reading about life in a police state.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!