Remove Rancho Romero PTA Members for slandering parents concerned over inappropriate board

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In January 2018, members of the PTA and Inclusive and Diversity Committee at Rancho Romero Elementary School in Alamo, California posted an unvetted and unapproved Transgender bulletin board. The board contained a vile person and known pornographer by the name of Dan Savage along with other insulting and inappropriate words and images, and was recklessly placed on a bulletin board outside its library for children ages 4 through 11 to view. When multiple concerned parents complained about the board, the bulletin board was revised 4 days later but not a single person apologized to the parents for their reckless actions and disciplinary action was not taken towards the PTA members responsible for the board. Many concerned parents and some children went to news outlets to discuss what the elementary school had done without permission and in violation of law that protects children from "sexual" topics at school. Some of their stories gained national attention. Now the PTA is assuming and alleging that due to the national media attention, a hate group by the name of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) heard about the school and planned a protest at the school on March 27th.  Over the weekend of March 17th, members of the PTA took to social media and recklessly incited a mob-like environment, casting blame for the WBC protest on the concerned parents who felt it necessary to go to the media to voice their concerns about the highly inappropriate bulletin board. The PTA maliciously and purposely attacked the concerned parents with some suggesting violence on those parents putting them and their families in danger. Their posts also encouraged three other activist groups to come to the elementary school to protest the protest, putting the children in danger. The ACLU showed up with paid protesters falsely claiming they were there to protect a child that was being targeted.

By signing this petition, you are asking that these reckless and unprofessional PTA members be removed from the “Parent”-Teacher Associate immediately as they have shown they are unable to represent all “parents’” best interests and when parents come forward with legitimate concerns, these very members attacked them verbally trying to shut them down from having concerns about their own children. The PTA members that ran amuck and led the attacks on social media and in private emails and correspondence include, but are not limited to, Cheryl Iacone, Kristen Threlkeld, and Carolyn Kaneda. These people discussed in front of children who then went to school to ask the other children if their parents started the protest. More names will follow as we obtain more information, but these three people need to be removed immediately before they cause further damage to the community and to minor children.

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