Remove Olympic High School’s Tardy Sweep!

Remove Olympic High School’s Tardy Sweep!

September 16, 2022
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Started by Lain Minick


Olympic High School has a new “tardy sweep” policy, where students will be locked out of classes and be sent to the office to get a pass. Here are some issues following up with that new policy


Students at Olympic High can check in with teachers before class to go to the bathroom. However with the new tardy sweep policy, the admins or staff who roam the halls will catch you and tell you to go get a pass. WHICH IS EXTREMELY inconvenient for this student. “Just tell the staff member that you got permission from the teacher?” Unfortunately most likely the staff member will MOST likely make you get a late slip. If staff freak out when you don’t have a pass and tell them you got permission from a teacher to leave class, they most definitely will not let you get away with the “My teacher gave me permission”


Being late to class 30 seconds is no longer possible due to this “tardy sweep”. 30 seconds now turns into another 5 minutes going back to office. IMAGINE the line for getting a pass from the office. You will have to wait to get a pass now. Your 30 second late tardy has now turned into possible 5-10+ minutes being late. Which is about 1/5 of your class time taken away.


People with special arrangements with the teacher that allows the student to be tardy will have to go through the same process again. However what if that student is disabled or is possible injured? What if a student was sore and had let the teacher aware of it before hand? Having a disadvantage to health that could possibly make you late, will NOW be a huge inconvenience. Plus why should we as students have to get a pass JUST to be marked as unexcused tardy 


Pretty straight forward. Students and teachers will have to be interrupted. Almost all classes are class discussed based or lectured based, and every time someone is late it will most likely interfere with what students are doing. 

“But it’s the first 10 minutes!! Students won’t interrupt much at the start of class”

How about excused tardies? Showing up 30 minutes late to class because you had to go to the office? Plus most teachers still do their daily agenda and say what they are doing for the day, that would still be interruption.


please contact me on instagram @omnipresnt or if you want me to add additional reasons for why this new policy should be revoked from our school.

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Signatures: 88Next Goal: 100
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