Decision Maker Response’s response

Jan 25, 2016 — Dear Germa,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, and for starting a petition. We always like to hear recommendations about how to improve our platform from committed users like you! We also rely on users to flag content to us that may violate our Community Guidelines.

Our team has individually reviewed the list of petitions linked, and we have found that, for the most part, these petitions do not violate our Community Guidelines (that you can read here). We have removed one of them that didn't meet our Community Guidelines on spam, so thank you for bringing this to our attention.

As more background about, we’re an open platform which means that all of the petitions you see are started by people in the community, and reflect the things that they want to change. Petitions don’t have to pass a quality test to be on the site, the same way Facebook posts or tweets don't either. We do provide recommendations for how to create a good petition and a set of guidelines for what content isn’t allowed on in our Community Guidelines. But the amount of petitions started in the site (over 10.000 a month!) does not allow us to review all of them, and we don't think that's our role either. What we try to do is provide a tool for creating change for people to use it the way they see fit.

Thank you again for your feedback, and for using org.

The Team