Remove Nancy Pelosi from House

Remove Nancy Pelosi from House

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Nicholas Armstrong started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and

Pelosi is leading this part of the anti-American resistance, this is why we need to remove her so we can get rid of the rest of the anti-Americans like the Squad and a few others. If you love America then you are against Pelosi and people like her. It’s scary to see that there are worse left-wing radicals than Pelosi in our government, like Bernie Sanders and the Squad. But Pelosi is there guard dog so that’s why we need to remove her first.

Pelosi and the Squad have  been doing nothing but damaging America through there lies and deceit since Pelosi and the Squad have been representatives. They have and are supporting  and done things that are against America and our values. 

The Squad consist of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley 

here are some examples: 

  • Pelosi supported pulling troops out of Iraq in 2010, which ultimately led ISIS to being a credible threat. Then denied she supported that. (CNN news report from 2010) 
  • Pelosi is anti-2nd Amendment, she supports takeing the guns away from California’s citizens time and time again. She says she supports people having guns(hypocrite) . She wants gun registration so they know where to confiscate citizens guns, leaving them defenceless in the wave of illegals coming from the South. The Squad also is agains 2nd Amendment.
  • There has been reports of heavy ballot harvesting in California and other States. So it’s questionable that Pelosi and the Squad won legitimately in November 2018 at all.
  • Pelosi and the Squad supports illegal immigrants coming into our country and taking advantage of our system. Especially in  sanctuary cities. Where in 2/28/18 Pelosi criticized ICE for arresting 150 illegals and calling them law abiding, patriotic citizens. Illegal doesn’t mean law abiding  and there patriotic Mexicans or Hondurans but clearly not American. Also the Squad has shown many times that they support non-American citizens over American citizens. So who is Pelosi and the Squad supporting in this? It’s certainly not America. 
  • On 6/14/18 Pelosi asked why people aren’t haveing an Uprising against Pres. Trump and our government. 
  • There should be a complete independent investigation in the tactics and dealings, that Pelosi and the Squad have been part of to see if they had anything to do with ballot harvesting and other anti-American acts. And look into the Hate speech that they all have been apart of. And deal with them immediately.
  • Pelosi is covering the butt of the entire Squad and there Anti-Semetism, Socialism and racism. Primarily  of anti-Semitics Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, Socialist Green New Deal champion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and racist Ayanna Pressley (The Squad) All of whom should be kicked out of the House for there bigotries and there anti-American ideals. They along with Pelosi should be impeached.
  • Pelosi and the rest of the left-wing radicals support healthcare for all and free college tuition. The problem with this is these thing are not actually free someone has to pay for them. They say there going to charge the rich. The thing is the rich can leave the country and take there businesses with them(causing a economic problem there), which means the middle class are the ones gouging to get hit full on to pay for everyone and there dogs college tuition and healthcare service. This will abolish the middle class and put us all in the a poor class. All in the while our colleges will become a lower quality. And our healthcare will become 2nd rate like Canada’s and Britain’s (that’s why there was a Canadian government official and some British ones to who came to the U.S. for medical treatment) that’s because socialist healthcare sucks. Someone with a broken finger can get a hospital room and make someone that has a serious medical condition wait sometimes months for a room, when there name comes up on the roster after everyone and there dogs gets through ahead of them, no matter what there condition. It severely  lowers the quality of medical care, that’s what Socialism is really about.

These are but a few examples of there anti-American, suppressive policies they support. I highly suggest anyone that wants to research these and other mishandling of Pelosi and the Squad to do so.There are more I gaurantee it.Then ask you’re self do you want Pelosi and these other bigots to be in our government. After all Speaker of the House is third in line after the President and Vice President. That’s a scary thought.

God help and bless America.

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