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Remove Matthew Guevara from his legislative duties as the Social Ecology Representative and Advocacy Committee Vice-Chair

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Although our "Student-body president Reza Zomorrodian has publicly opposed the legislation" R50-70, written by Matthew Guevara, this legislation is contradictory to the values of the University of California, Irvine and further action should take place. Let's remove Guevara from office!

Guevara is not fully representing UC Irvine Social Ecology Students or anyone with affiliation to UC Irvine and for that reason should be removed from office as the Social Ecology Representative and Advocacy Committee Vice-Chair. As "members of the University of California community...we will be accountable as individuals and as members of this community for our ethical conduct and for compliance with applicable laws and University policies and directives  [and]  we will respect the rights and dignity of others."  We as a community are accountable for the legislation established on our campus and should not only veto such "non-inclusive" legislation but also unite against these thoughts and behaviors in our legislative branch at UC Irvine. Our American flag is not a symbol solely used as decoration "managed by narrow interests", the Associated Student lobby space is located at the University of California, Irvine, in the United States of America, surrounded by Americans who believe that our flag can be hung in all public spaces in the United States of America without excluding anyone. In addition, this legislation, which is now spread on media everywhere, has decreased the value of our education at UC Irvine, has disrespected all UC Irvine community members, and has tarnished the reputation of all former, current, and future students of UC Irvine. Guevara's legislative statement for inclusivity by resolving that "no flag, of any nation, may be hanged on the walls of the Associate Student main lobby space" is an act and statement against our accountability and respect as a community of the University of California and we should not allow this behavior to persist. Remove Guevara from office immediately. 

Removing Guevara from office is easy, let's do it!

A. 5% of Social Ecology Students must sign the petition

B. A recall statement must be written. You just read through it. If you have any other ideas to add, feel free to email me at

C. I will take care of the rest. 

Thank you for your support. 


Christina Rodriguez 

UC Irvine Undergraduate Student


According to the Article VIII Referendums, Initiatives, Fee Initiatives and Recalls, Section A, number 4 Recalls of the Associated Students, University of California Irvine Constitution in order to remove Guevara from office, we must do the following to remove Guevara from office: 

A. Elected officers to ASUCI, shall be subject to recall upon presentation of a
petition, signed by a minimum of five percent (%5) of the undergraduate
students eligible to vote for the specified officer, to the Legislative Council.
Judicial Board members are subject to recall upon presentation of a petition,
signed by five percent (%5) of the undergraduate students, to the Legislative
B. All recall petitions must have a recall statement clearly stating the
justification for the recall attempt. The individual(s) specified in the recall
petition may challenge the validity of the petition if it is felt that the recall
statement misrepresented the factual comments or events by filing a
complaint with the ASUCI Judicial Board. Judicial Board members may
challenge the recall petition through the Judicial Board Oversight Committee.
C. Upon presentation of said petition, the Legislative Council shall submit it to a vote of the undergraduate students not less than fifteen (15) academic days or more than two (2) academic quarters from the date of presentation of the petition to the Legislative Council.
D. Regular election procedures shall be followed as prescribed in the Elections Code.
E. A two-thirds (2/3) vote to recall, with at  least twenty percent (20%) of the
undergraduate students voting, shall be required to recall an elected officer
or Judicial Board member.
F. Upon failure of a recall election, the specified elected officer or Judicial Board member shall not be subject to another recall for at least ten (10) school weeks.

All referenda, initiatives, ASUCI fee initiatives, or recall elections shall coincide with the most immediate regularly scheduled fall or spring student body at-large election, or a winter special election. No referendum, initiative, fee initiative, or recall petition may call for a lock-out (lockin) of ASUCI fees, annual budgetary allocations or investments; the allocation of all ASUCI
funds remains the sole responsibility of the Legislative.




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