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Remove LOP for Madera High and Madera South Seniors

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This problem here revolves around Madera High and Madera South High School students and the Loss of Privlege program. This is a problem as there are many things that land you on LOP... things like fines, excessive tardies and unexcused absences. A majority of our seniors are on LOP this year as the year just gets exhausting. The biggest reason for said thing is the Unexcused Absences. However there is an opportunity to clear up 1st period tardies, absences are inexcusable.

There are many schools that do not have a LOP program. A school I previously attended in Oregon doesn't have an LOP program and I can personally say the school atmosphere is much more positive. So many kids are missing out on thing like their senior prom for silly things like missing first period. School is exhausting for seniors and if the junior class is hoping to break even they may want to remove LOP. As a majority of the senior class is on LOP.

There is LOP is to a certain extent for something like the Black Light dance, but for prom, they are taking it the full 9 yards... which is a huge deal... there is very little chance of making the money spent on prom if LOP isn't dropped. Make the end of the year worth it.


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