Remove Laney From Laney-Manion Hall

Remove Laney From Laney-Manion Hall

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Anna Clark
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The Student Government Association hopes to ensure sustainable social changes at the University of Central Arkansas. Our first plan of action is to rally academic departments, registered organizations, and the student body to call for the removal of 'Laney' from Laney-Manion Hall. Please join us by signing in support of the resolution below! This is just the beginning. 

Whereas, The death of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and George Floyd has reignited the conversation about our institution’s commitment to correcting and recognizing racial injustices;

Whereas, Approximately 34% of the University’s student body is non-white, 18% of which are African-American, according to the United States Department of Education;

Whereas, Diversity is recognized as one of the four pillars of the University of Central Arkansas’ Core;

Whereas, The University of Central Arkansas Office of Diversity website states that “We value the opportunity to work, learn, and develop in a community that embraces the diversity of individuals and ideas, including race,” according to its mission.

Whereas, Governor Benjamin T. Laney, a namesake of Laney-Manion Hall, is antithetical to the mission of diversity and inclusion at the University of Central Arkansas;

Whereas, Governor Laney was a frequent opponent of civil rights and anti-segregation legislation, according to the Arkansas Gazette (February 3 & 5, 1948); 

Whereas, Governor Laney tarred President Harry Truman’s civil rights proposals as “flavored with Communism,” according to the Arkansas Gazette (February 6, 1948);

Whereas, Governor Laney believed the President’s aforementioned proposals a betrayal of the South and Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Gazette (February 8, 1948); 

Whereas, Governor Laney was so opposed to President Truman’s civil rights proposals that he was a leader in the segregationist “Dixiecrat” movement of 1948 according to the Arkansas Gazette (May 10 & 11, 1948);

Whereas, Governor Laney was briefly considered the presidential nominee of the short-lived Dixiecrat party in 1948, according to historian Joseph Crespino;

Whereas, The State of Arkansas unveiled the Little Rock Nine Memorial in 2005 in an effort to atone for the transgressions of segregation and white supremacy;

Whereas, The Student Government Association passed a resolution in support of the removal of Laney’s name from Laney-Manion Hall in 2019;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Student Government Association of the University of Central Arkansas strongly urges the University’s leadership to remove Governor Benjamin T. Laney’s name from Laney-Manion Hall in order to better commit the University to diversity. 

Be It Further Resolved, that this resolution continues the conversation as to whether Laney’s name be replaced in Laney-Manion Hall or be left as Manion Hall, honoring Dr. Jerry Manion and his 49 years of service to the University of Central Arkansas Department of Chemistry.